Crystal Windows

When you need high-quality, energy-efficient windows or doors for your home or business in New York City, Crystal® windows are an excellent choice. Available with long-lasting, low-maintenance vinyl or aluminum frames, as well as Passive House-certified options, Crystal windows are attractive, durable, and made to last.

At WindowFix, we’re proud to install, replace, and repair Crystal windows for homeowners and business owners alike. We feature Crystal windows for new construction, renovations, and commercial buildings, with dozens of style and color options.

Crystal Window Repair

Since 1986, WindowFix has helped homes and businesses throughout New York City repair broken or damaged windows with cost-effective, professional results. We offer a full line of window repair services for your Crystal windows, including:

  • Double-pane Crystal window repairs: When you have failed seals, damaged sashes, or a damaged pane, we can repair the window or replace the insulated glass unit (IGU).

  • Broken glass repair: When you need to repair the glass in your window, from accidents to weather damage and vandalism, trust WindowFix. We can replace your glass panes with new insulated glass, safety glass, and more.

  • Crystal window frame repair: Has your window frame been damaged by weather, UV exposure, or impacts? We offer window frame repairs for many common problems and replacements when repairs are not possible.

  • Window hardware repairs: When you have a damaged lock, a faulty balance assembly, or a damaged window crank mechanism, talk to our window repair experts at WindowFix.

  • Window screen repairs: Damaged or torn screens can allow insects in and rob you of a cooling breeze during nice weather when you’re forced to keep it closed. Our experts can repair or replace your Crystal window screens quickly and affordably.

Crystal Window Replacement

Whether you want replacement windows for your home or business, or you need efficient, high-quality windows for a new construction project, WindowFix can help. We offer vinyl and aluminum Crystal windows for residential and commercial projects and highly efficient windows designed specifically for passive home applications.

We typically recommend a window replacement when you’re experiencing any of these problems:

  • Rotting wood frames: The weather can take a huge toll on wood windows, causing the frames to twist, warp, and rot. Our vinyl Crystal windows offer a great-looking, low-maintenance alternative.

  • Cracked or broken glass: If you have older windows and the glass is broken, a replacement window may be the best choice. If the frame is still in good condition, replacing the insulated glass unit (IGU) itself may be more cost-effective.

  • Fog or condensation between panes: When the seals between the panes in dual-pane windows have failed, a new window or a new IGU may be necessary.

  • Difficulty opening or closing your windows: Frames that have warped or twisted may prevent the windows from opening correctly. While repairs may be possible in some cases, a replacement is often the best solution.

  • Drafty windows: If you have single-pane windows, loose glass, or warped frames, you may be losing heat in the winter and spending too much on cooling in the summer. Upgrade to our Crystal vinyl or aluminum windows to save energy and improve comfort in your home or business.

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