Landmarks Satisfied & The Embassy on 72 St. Renewed

An ornate window in the Moroccan Embassy.


Parrett Wood Windows
Crystal Aluminum Tilt Turn Windows

15 E 72nd St.
New York, NY 10021


WindowFix achieved a significant milestone when the New York City Landmark Preservation Commission (LPC) approved their groundbreaking  all-wood, double-hung tilt and turn window. 

This remarkable feat marked the first time such a window design had received approval at the staff level for a Certificate of No Effect Permit (CNE) from the LPC.

In collaboration with the LPC, WindowFix undertook an ambitious restoration project on  the front window of a historical building. 

This window, measuring an impressive 96 inches in width and 145 inches in height, required a meticulous replication to match the original design as seen in a tax photo from the 1940s. 

The goal was to recreate the window’s authentic appearance with Circle Simulated Divided Lite, capturing the essence of its architectural heritage.

To accomplish this feat, WindowFix employed their expertise and worked closely with the LPC throughout the entire process to ensure their satisfaction with the finished product.. 

The challenge was to ensure the new design adhered to the stringent preservation guidelines while maintaining the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of the original window.

For the rear windows of the building, WindowFix decided to replace them with high-quality aluminum Tilt and Turn windows manufactured by Crystal Windows. 

This choice was made to strike a balance between durability, functionality, and aesthetics, while also considering the maintenance requirements of the building.

In contrast, for the front windows, WindowFix opted for Parrett Windows, renowned for their expertise in crafting wooden windows of exceptional quality. 

The decision to use wood windows in the front was driven by the desire to replicate the original design’s authentic charm and elegance. 

The all-wood double-hung tilt and turn windows from Parrett Windows brought a touch of traditional craftsmanship and timeless beauty to the building’s façade.

Throughout the project, WindowFix upheld their commitment to preserving the historical integrity of the building while incorporating modern features for improved functionality and energy efficiency. 

The all-wood double-hung tilt and turn windows not only honored the building’s architectural heritage but also provided enhanced ventilation, easy cleaning, and increased security for its occupants.

The meticulous attention to detail and collaboration with the LPC ensured that the window restoration project was a resounding success and adhered to guidelines to ensure satisfaction by all parties involved.. 

By meticulously replicating the original design and using materials of the highest quality, WindowFix breathed new life into the building’s façade, paying homage to its historical significance.

This landmark achievement by WindowFix set a precedent for future restoration projects involving simulated all-wood double-hung tilt and turn windows. T

he successful approval of this innovative window design demonstrated the LPC’s willingness to embrace modern advancements while safeguarding the city’s architectural heritage.

Not only did WindowFix’s collaboration with the LPC result in a visually stunning restoration, but it also served as a testament to the importance of preserving historical buildings. 

By restoring and maintaining these architectural treasures, we honor our shared past and ensure that future generations can appreciate and learn from them.

WindowFix’s groundbreaking simulated all-wood double-hung tilt and turn window received approval from the NYC Landmark Preservation Commission, making it the first of its kind to be granted a Certificate of No Effect Permit at the staff level. 

Through their meticulous craftsmanship and collaboration with the LPC, WindowFix successfully restored the front window to its original design, utilizing Circle Simulated Divided Lite. 

Additionally, they replaced the rear windows with aluminum Tilt and Turn windows from Crystal Windows while selecting Parrett Windows for the wood windows in the front.

This project exemplifies the harmonious integration of preservation and modern functionality, ensuring the building’s historical significance endures while meeting contemporary needs.

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Celebrating Excellence!

We at WindowFix are thrilled to announce that we have received the prestigious Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award for one of our outstanding storefront projects. A heartfelt congratulations to our very own Paul Mulcahy and our WindowFix team for this achievement.

WindowFix has been and continues to be a key player in preserving many of New York City’s historic landmarks. Take a moment to learn more about our work and this remarkable award-winning project.