Comfortable 1920 Yankee Arms Refreshed Anew

A light brick apartment building in New York City.


Landmark Aluminum Windows

811 Walton St.
Bronx, NY 10451


Originally constructed in the 1920s, “Yankee Arms” holds a distinguished position in the Grand Concourse Historic District. Situated between the County Courthouse, Bronx Borough Hall, and Yankee Stadium. this co-operative full-service building comprises 139 apartments and several commercial units.

Being 100 yers old, the building presented a significant challenge—a recent historical designation that mandated the approval of the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) for all exterior renovations.

Given the building’s size, the conventional process of obtaining LPC approval for window replacements seemed insurmountable.

Despite previous unsuccessful attempts by two reputable competitors, the Co-op Board of Directors made a crucial decision to engage the services of WindowFix—a company renowned for its expertise in providing cost-effective and LPC-approvable solutions that align with a building’s unique requirements.

The objective was to identify a suitable option that would address the building’s needs efficiently. After thorough evaluation, WindowFix proposed the implementation of Aluminum Thermally Broken Windows manufactured by Universal Window, based in Marlborough, MA.

To demonstrate the feasibility and benefits of this solution, WindowFix installed the first model unit along the entryway of the building’s elegant courtyard, allowing all residents to appreciate its aesthetic and functional qualities.

Collaborating closely with the building’s architect, the LPC, and the Co-op Board of Directors, WindowFix embarked on a journey to provide “Yankee Arms” with a modernized and energy-efficient building envelope.

The result was an exceptional outcome, achieving these goals at approximately half the cost estimated by other professionals. By choosing this innovative approach, the unit owners collectively saved several million dollars.

The successful collaboration between WindowFix, the building’s architect, and the Co-op Board of Directors showcased the significance of effective teamwork and communication in achieving a common objective.

The process involved meticulous planning, adherence to LPC guidelines, and an unwavering commitment to preserving the building’s historical character while embracing contemporary advancements.

WindowFix’s solution, the Aluminum Thermally Broken Windows by Universal Window, offered numerous advantages over alternative options. These windows combine the timeless appeal of aluminum frames with cutting-edge thermal insulation properties. The thermally broken design significantly reduces heat transfer, ensuring superior energy efficiency and reducing heating and cooling costs for residents.

Moreover, these windows feature advanced weatherstripping and sealing mechanisms, providing enhanced protection against external elements such as rain, wind, and noise pollution. The utilization of high-quality materials ensures durability, minimizing maintenance requirements and extending the lifespan of the windows.

The introduction of Aluminum Thermally Broken Windows transformed the appearance and functionality of “Yankee Arms.” The elegantly designed windows complemented the building’s architectural style, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal. Residents now enjoy improved natural light penetration, optimizing the use of daylight and creating a more pleasant and inviting atmosphere within their apartments.

Beyond the visual and energy-related benefits, the installation of these windows positively impacted the residents’ quality of life. The advanced insulation properties effectively mitigate outdoor noise, creating a quieter and more peaceful indoor environment. 

This improvement is especially noteworthy considering the building’s proximity to Yankee Stadium, a bustling hub of activity during baseball games and events.

One of the key factors contributing to the success of this project was the collaborative effort between WindowFix, the building’s architect, and the LPC. By engaging in open and frequent communication, all parties worked together to ensure compliance with historical preservation guidelines while incorporating modern advancements.

WindowFix navigated the intricate LPC approval process with finesse, leveraging their expertise and experience in dealing with similar projects. The company diligently prepared the necessary documentation, including detailed architectural drawings, specifications, and historical research, to demonstrate the compatibility of Aluminum Thermally Broken Windows with the building’s historical significance

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