Park Side East & West

This is an images of the high rise red brick condominium Park Side East in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Park Side West and Park Side East are two high-rise buildings located at 40 Newport Pkwy and 30 Newport Pkwy, respectively. Together, these buildings boast over 800 units. WindowFix carried out a significant renovation project in both buildings, which included the installation of over 400 glass panes and more than 1000 new window screens.

Towers On The Park

This is an image of a high rise condominium in New York City.

Towers on The Park is a residential complex in New York City, which overlooks Central Park. The complex is comprised of three high-rise buildings located at 220 West 110th St., 300 West 110th St., and 301 West 110th St., offering a total of 600 condo units. WindowFix undertook a major renovation project, during which they replaced almost 500 glass panels in the properties within just 60 days.

A One Of A Kind Unit In Brooklyn

This is an image of man standing in a custom wood window in Brooklyn, New York City.

WindowFix was delighted to be involved in this one-of-a-kind project. The brand new boutique condominium in Red Hook was challenging by design. For this particular bespoke unit on the second floor, we supplied and installed windows from three different manufacturers, each specified by the architect for their individual characteristics.

1000 Windows Replaced

WindowFix worked closely with the building architect, property manager, and board of directors to supply and install 1000 commercially-rated windows throughout this complex. This product was custom-made, thermally-broken aluminum, manufactured by Crystal Window and Door.

New Construction Luxury Condo

WindowFix installed Kolbe windows and doors throughout and provided a Fire Rated window solution for the lot line conditions, all with custom waterproofing and installation details. The challenge in this project was bringing the architectural details in line with the design requirements. The window manufacturer brought us in to provide a specialized solution.

Brownstone to Luxury Condominium

WindowFix installed Marvin window and door units throughout the front and rear, including triple and double-hung windows, French doors, and inswing French casements. We coordinated with the general contractor, owner, and architect to size the project and finalize all details In addition, we collaborated with the brownstone façade contractor who handled the exterior.

A Grand Stage

WindowFix completed a 1,000-unit, full-building window replacement with Parrett aluminum windows. This project required a great deal of cooperation and coordination with the Board members, building staff, and individual unit owners.

Yankee Arms

Originally built in the 1920s, “Yankee Arms” (811 Walton Avenue) is elegantly situated amongst its neighbors – nestled between the County Courthouse, Bronx Borough Hall, and Yankee Stadium. The co-operative full-service building has 139 apartments and several commercial units.