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96 King Street, Unit 2
Red Hook
Brooklyn, NY


WindowFix took great pride in being an integral part of an extraordinary undertaking—the development of a boutique condominium nestled in the lively Red Hook neighborhood. This project stood out from the very beginning with its blueprint designed to be both challenging and distinctly remarkable.

Our involvement in this project took a unique turn when our team, responsible for the bespoke units on the second floor, embarked on a meticulous journey of window selection and installation. This process not only showcased our unwavering commitment to craftsmanship but also highlighted our dedication to providing a customized experience for our clients.

At the heart of this exceptional residence, we made a deliberate choice to install Parrett‘s oversized archtop weight and chain windows. These windows, beyond merely captivating onlookers, brought to life the architect’s vision of saturating the main living area with natural light and offering breathtaking panoramic views. Custom crafted with precision from white oak, these windows exuded a timeless elegance that required nothing more than a clear lacquer finish to reveal their inherent beauty, seamlessly integrating with the overall design aesthetic.

Turning our attention to the rear of the condominium, we opted for Marvin Signature Ultimate windows, selected for their decorative flair. With the option of a two-tone finish, we chose Hampton Sage for the exterior and a clear lacquer finish for the interior—choices that effortlessly harmonized with the condo’s color scheme. Crafted from Douglas Fir, these Marvin windows featured Low E2 Argon gas insulation and were aluminum-clad on the exterior, ensuring both durability and energy efficiency.

These same Marvin Ultimate windows found a purpose in the primary bathroom, which was a uniquely designed wet room. Acknowledging the high humidity levels in this space, our selection needed to withstand these conditions without compromising functionality or aesthetics. The Marvin windows proved more than capable, ensuring that residents could enjoy views and natural light in this distinctive bathroom environment.

Opting for a timeless and classic look with narrow sightlines in other areas of the condominium, we turned to Optimum architectural steel windows. Specifically, we chose the Reliant HR4700 fully-welded hot-rolled steel option, featuring a Super Durable powder coat finish. These steel windows added an air of sophistication to the interior, perfectly complementing the condo’s luxurious design. In the secondary bedroom, they provided a sweeping view of downtown Brooklyn, infusing the living space with urban charm.

This extraordinary fenestration project emerged as the crowning jewel of the luxury home. Beyond offering ample ventilation and breathtaking views, it added a layer of serenity and quietude to the living experience, enabling residents to fully immerse themselves in the beauty of their surroundings.

This is truly a showplace, from the Mexican tile in the dining room and light-filled kitchen, to the custom bathrooms and even the outdoor seating combine to make this condo as unique as it is stunning.

We extend a cordial invitation to explore this exceptional condominium through a video tour. Witness firsthand how the careful selection and installation of these bespoke windows transformed this space into a true sanctuary—where luxury, design, and functionality converge seamlessly.

Check out this video tour of the unit with @RyanSerhant

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