Park Side East & West

This is an images of the high rise red brick condominium Park Side East in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Park Side West and Park Side East are two high-rise buildings located at 40 Newport Pkwy and 30 Newport Pkwy, respectively. Together, these buildings boast over 800 units. WindowFix carried out a significant renovation project in both buildings, which included the installation of over 400 glass panes and more than 1000 new window screens.

Towers On The Park

This is an image of a high rise condominium in New York City.

Towers on The Park is a residential complex in New York City, which overlooks Central Park. The complex is comprised of three high-rise buildings located at 220 West 110th St., 300 West 110th St., and 301 West 110th St., offering a total of 600 condo units. WindowFix undertook a major renovation project, during which they replaced almost 500 glass panels in the properties within just 60 days.

Averting Emergency at NYC Hospital

For this project, WindowFix supplied and installed 140 custom architectural windows, per specification. Some of the major challenges were that the existing façade was pulling away from the building and there were other hazards within the façade.

Modern Archeology in Soho

This was a mixed-use building, featuring two buildings joined together and an addition added to the roof and back of both properties as part of an adaptive reuse project. WindowFix supplied and installed 100+ Marvin custom windows and doors in accordance with Landmark and Energy codes, obtaining a Certificate of No Effect (CNE) Permit.

Collaborative Redesign with Architectural Steel

WindowFix installed and assembled multiple custom architectural steel windows, doors, skylights, and a curtain wall. This included installing the glass for every unit on site. The property owner was also the architect who dreamed up the design. He worked with Optimum, the manufacturer, to design all the configurations, but he needed an experienced team to install and glaze all the openings.

Floor To Ceiling Windows and Doors

This was a new construction multi-family rental property. Our client wanted us to match the sight lines of the adjacent building which had been built a few years earlier. WindowFix provided 150 wood-fiberglass windows and doors manufactured by Marvin Integrity, who produced the entire job in less than three weeks.

Retouching Gloss Studio

Gloss Studio is one of the leaders in photo retouching for the fashion industry. WindowFix supplied and installed Custom Heavy Commercial, thermally-broken windows by Crystal Windows, which were hoisted to the 8th and 9th Floor.

Fire Rated Windows For Stairways

In collaboration with JRS Architects and Optimum Window, we designed and engineered windows that comply with the NYC Fire Code for the hallways and stairways of each property.

Correcting A Giant

Within this 35’ tall opening, the original builder installed a storefront system. The windows were inserted into the storefront aluminum tubing, none of which was rated to handle air and water. The presence of heavy and sloppy caulking around the system and glass evidenced a previous attempt at stopping the water.