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Curtain Wall

519 6th Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11215


In the expanse of this 35-foot tall opening, the initial contractor created a faulty storefront arrangement. The windows were fitted within the aluminum tubing constituting the storefront framework, yet none of this infrastructure was designed to effectively counteract air and water infiltration. The application of excessive and inept caulking in proximity to the system and glass panels told the tale of a prior endeavor to impede water seepage.

This situation exemplified a quintessential instance of an inappropriate system being employed in an ill-suited context. Collaborating closely with Old Castle Building Products, we orchestrated a comprehensive overhaul, substituting the preexisting setup with a cutting-edge stick curtain wall system primed for exceptional performance. Crucially, this novel system simultaneously conferred impermeability, effectively mitigating potential water ingress at all newly established junctions.

The original installer of the storefront arrangement within this huge opening committed an oversight by utilizing an ill-matched system. The windows were seamlessly incorporated into the aluminum tubing comprising the storefront infrastructure. However, this framework lacked the requisite capacity to thwart the infiltration of air and water. Evidently, a previous mitigation effort had involved the application of excessive and haphazard caulking encircling the system and glass panels in a bid to counteract water penetration.

This scenario underscores a classic example of misapplying a system in an unsuitable context. Our strategic partnership with Old Castle Building Products enabled us to engineer a comprehensive remedy. A state-of-the-art stick curtain wall system was meticulously devised to supplant the existing setup, effectively addressing the shortcomings. Notably, this advanced system concurrently delivered impeccable waterproofing measures, systematically nullifying the prospect of water encroachment across all newly established connections.

In the expanse of this 35-foot tall aperture, the original architect opted for a storefront system installation. The windows were seamlessly nestled into the aluminum tubing that formed the structural basis of the storefront framework. However, a critical inadequacy emerged—this configuration lacked the inherent capacity to effectively counter the infiltration of air and water. Evidently, a previous mitigation endeavor had involved an excessive and inelegant application of caulking in the vicinity of the system and glass panels, evidencing a historical attempt to thwart water seepage.

This scenario exemplifies a quintessential example of a mismatched system being harnessed in an ill-suited context. Through a collaborative partnership with Old Castle Building Products, an all-encompassing solution was meticulously devised. The incumbent system was supplanted with a state-of-the-art stick curtain wall system, seamlessly rectifying the existing flaws. Noteworthy is the system’s dual functionality, ingeniously engineered to not only deliver enhanced performance but also to confer an impregnable barrier against water intrusion at all novel interfaces.

The initial creator of the storefront configuration within the lofty 35-foot tall aperture erred by selecting an incompatible system. The windows were harmoniously slotted into the aluminum tubing that constituted the foundational structure of the storefront framework. Nonetheless, a pivotal shortcoming surfaced—the design was inherently unequipped to effectively counteract the infiltration of air and water. Evidently, a prior endeavor to mitigate this issue involved an extravagant and clumsy application of caulking encircling the system and glass panels, indicative of a historical undertaking to fend off water permeation.

This situation serves as a classic illustration of an ill-suited system being deployed in an inappropriate context. Our collaboration with Old Castle Building Products was pivotal in devising a holistic rectification strategy. A state-of-the-art stick curtain wall system was meticulously crafted to supplant the preexisting arrangement, seamlessly addressing the prevailing drawbacks. Notably, this innovative system was ingeniously dual-purposed—it not only elevated performance benchmarks but also provided an impervious shield against water ingress at all nascent junctions.

In summary, the original constructor’s installation of a storefront system within the expansive 35-foot tall opening revealed a misalignment between the system and its intended application. Collaborative efforts with Old Castle Building Products facilitated the development of an advanced stick curtain wall system, definitively rectifying the inadequacies of the prior setup. This cutting-edge system demonstrated dual competencies by enhancing overall performance and concurrently establishing an impregnable safeguard against water infiltration at all newly established points of connection.

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