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WindowFix FAQs

With over 30 years of industry expertise, we’ve encountered numerous questions from clients—many of which may be on your mind too. Our goal is to empower and reassure clients by sharing our insights and valuable information, making you feel more informed and at ease.

Window Wise

  • Boasts a track record of successfully repairing and installing over 1 million windows.
  • Manufactures windows using various materials like aluminum, vinyl, wood, wood-aluminum clad, fiberglass, U-PVC, steel, and combinations thereof.
  • Offers a range of services, including repairing windows that won’t open, close, or lock, and replacing cracked or foggy/condensed glass.
  • Can assist in obtaining a Certificate of No Effect from the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC).
  • Expertise extends to window wall systems suitable for large openings.
  • Provides products for renovations, retrofit replacements, and new construction for both residential and commercial properties.
  • Custom-design screens for windows and doors.
  • Specializes in repairing and adjusting European-style Tilt and Turn windows, known for their multi-point locking systems.
  • Can supply new storefront entrances and offer curtain wall styles in both stick-built and unitized systems.
  • Caters to residential, commercial, architectural, and historical applications.
  • Provides various window styles and materials, such as Double Hung, Sliders, Fixed, Inswing, Outswing, Tilt and Turn, various shapes, Round Tops, Awnings, and Casements.
  • Can help you choose the optimal U factor, PG, and DP ratings.
  • Offers products in all-wood, wood-aluminum-clad, all-aluminum, steel, and aluminum-steel replicas.

Yes, we do. We’re happy to come to your residence or place of business to assess your needs and discuss your best options.

Unfortunately we do not at this time. However, we can offer flexibility on payment schedules.

Ideally Spring and Autumn are the best time to replace windows. But, because we install windows only after they have been delivered to us, the exposure to the elements is greatly mitigated.

Not necessarily. Although many clients opt to replace the street-facing windows first, it depends on the condition of the windows.Rear windows might have issues due to shade and would be the logical choice to improve thermal value.

A brick to brick install can be very invasive to the existing building structure, which could include replacing the brick molding, new water proofing, new blocking, and is much more labor intensive therefore more expensive.

An insert install involves setting the new window inside the existing frame, thus is faster and less labor intensive.

Interior condensation is a result of a combination of factors, including stale air, no exchange of air, high indoor humidity, lack of ventilation, and poor insulation. The issue is not just the window. Air and moisture travel to the path of least resistance. The weakest point in your thermal barrier is usually where moisture/condensation will be visible such as the windows or glass. The window and glass is NOT the source of problem. Changing or repairing windows or glass will NOT solve the issue of interior condensation. 
  • Solutions:- Bring in fresh air. Open windows.- Move the air around so air can change. Turn on a fan.- You can change your window to products with higher insulation values. This will help but it will not address the source of the problem.

Condensation occurs between the panes of glass  when the seal fails. The only option is to replace the window.

Our service guarantee information can be found here.

The warranty offered varies by manufacturer. Generally,  glass is 20 years, non-glass components are 10 years, and the finish is 10 years.

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We are committed to providing our clients with the highest-quality doors and materials available. At WindowFix, we firmly believe in delivering doors at a price you can afford. Contact our team to learn more about our company and the benefits of doing business with our team when you want quality doors in your home or business!

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Our Holiday Closure Notice

In the spirit of the holidays, our team will be taking a well-deserved break to spend time with loved ones and recharge for the exciting year ahead. Therefore, we would like to inform you that WindowFix will be temporarily closed on the following dates:

– Monday, December 25th
– Tuesday, December 26th
– Monday, January 1st
– Tuesday, January 2nd 

Wishing you and your loved ones a joyful and peaceful holiday season filled with warmth and happiness. Thank you for being an integral part of the WindowFix family.

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