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Our Service Guarantee

WindowFix, Inc. will consistently endeavor to provide the very best service and high-quality components for window repairs. We promise that our replacement lines will represent the highest value products available in the market, as well as superior installation by trained mechanics. We will always use company-employed technicians who are highly trained and experienced in their jobs (replacement or repairs). Our company has served customers in the New York area for over 35+ years and has serviced over 1 million windows. We are committed to providing our customers with complete satisfaction and a quality buying experience. To that end, we are providing this valuable warranty to cover any service or product we offer.

Window & Door Repairs

WindowFix guarantees that any repair or component will be covered for a period of 2 years from the date of installation. This coverage includes any components and labor to replace said component for the said period. The only exceptions to this will be “Acts of God”, misuse, vandalism, or original bill not paid as rendered. Service to eliminate water or air entry into the house can only be performed on the basis of improving the situation as many leakage problems are not the fault of the windows or doors but, rather, the surrounding conditions The company cannot be responsible for condensation except when forming between the glass (see glass section).

Insulated Glass

When insulated glass is provided and installed by WindowFix there will be a 5-year guarantee that covers blemishes or dirt between the glass (within industry tolerances), condensation forming between the glass panels, and stress cracks (occurring within the first 30 days of installation). Where insulated glass is purchased and installed by others the guarantee only covers failure of the glass as evidenced by condensation forming between the glass. The company will cover the actual glass and labor to replace the glass by our company. Unless pre-approved we cannot be responsible for outside contractors replacing the glass. Upon pre-approval, we will supply the glass and issue a check for $25.00 to cover labor. The exceptions to this guarantee will be a failure of glass due to “Acts of God”, misuse, vandalism, and improper installation done by others.


When the company supplies new screens, we guarantee the new screen frame for a period of 5 years. This frame guarantee covers the frame assembly, finish, and parts (excluding the screen cloth). The company will either repair or replace the defective screen, at our option. Screens may be replaced by shipping to window/door location UPS freight prepaid. The exceptions to this guarantee will be damage due to “Acts of God”, misuse, vandalism, and improper installation.

New/Replacement Windows & Doors

The primary warranty is given by the manufacturer of the product. WindowFix has a secondary warranty that enhances and adds to the manufacturer’s warranty, as follows:

  • All warranty claims are placed through WindowFix to the manufacturer and the remedy will be coordinated by Window Fix. WindowFix will have one of our technicians at the site within 3 business days to inspect the defect.
  • WindowFix will supply the labor to replace any glass during the manufacturer’s warranty period (the glass being supplied by the manufacturer within the first 5 years.)
  • If it is determined that the window needs to be replaced, WindowFix will supply the labor to remove the defective window and replace it with the new window supplied by the manufacturer within the first five years.
  • In the event the manufacturer goes out of business or is unable to perform the specific warranty provisions, WindowFix will complete the work necessary or replace the window, at our option.

Condensation is a housing problem (too much humidity) and not a window problem and can get more acute when windows are tightened during a repair or replacement.

The specific exemptions to this are “Acts of God”, misuse, vandalism, improper installation, or modification by others.

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Our Holiday Closure Notice

In the spirit of the holidays, our team will be taking a well-deserved break to spend time with loved ones and recharge for the exciting year ahead. Therefore, we would like to inform you that WindowFix will be temporarily closed on the following dates:

– Monday, December 25th
– Tuesday, December 26th
– Monday, January 1st
– Tuesday, January 2nd 

Wishing you and your loved ones a joyful and peaceful holiday season filled with warmth and happiness. Thank you for being an integral part of the WindowFix family.

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