Marvin Windows

Marvin windows are among the most celebrated residential and commercial window brands. This manufacturer has created beautiful, functional, energy-efficient windows for over 100 years. Today, Marvin and Integrity products are organized into three collections: Signature, Elevate, and Essential. All three offer excellent benefits to New York City homes and businesses, depending on the parameters of your project.

WindowFix is proud to repair, replace, and install Marvin windows for our customers. Whether you have modern Marvin windows that need repair or you’re working on a historic building restoration project, we have the solutions you’re looking for.

Marvin Window Repair

WindowFix opened in 1986 as a small window treatment and glass repair shop. We have grown to provide many services beyond this, but our roots will always be in window repair. No matter what’s wrong with your Marvin windows, trust our experienced team to get them working well again. We offer:

  • Marvin double-pane window repair: Double-pane windows are the most popular option for improving building comfort and energy efficiency. Choose us for a cost-effective repair or insulated glazed unit (IGU) replacement.

  • Broken glass repair: Whether from storm damage or vandalism, broken windows leave your building vulnerable. Replace the broken pane with insulated glass, sound-reducing glass, safety glass, or other modern upgrades.

  • Marvin window frame repair: While Marvin products are designed to last, they may dent, fade, or rot under extreme conditions. We’ll repair the problem if possible to save you the expense of replacing your windows.

  • Marvin window mechanism repair: Marvin windows manufactured decades ago may have hard-to-find mechanisms. With our vast stock of replacement parts, we’re confident we can replace your broken spring balances, tilt locks, push-out hardware, or obscure closing devices.

  • Window screen repair: Torn, bent, or otherwise damaged window screens can’t do their job properly. Trust our team to restore your screens to full functionality.

Marvin Window Replacement

Sometimes, window repair isn’t possible. Here’s how to tell if replacing your Marvin windows may be the better choice:

  • Rotting wood frames: If you love the look of wood windows but don’t want rotten frames in the future, Marvin Elevate might be the right solution. This collection offers a warm wood interior and durable fiberglass exterior for the best of both worlds.

  • Damaged glass: It’s necessary to replace broken, cracked, or scratched glass. If the frame is in good condition, you might be able to replace the IGU alone for a more affordable investment.

  • Fog between the panes: This problem indicates that the double-pane window seal has broken. Fiberglass windows from the Essential collection are strong and durable, decreasing the risk of broken seals in the future.

  • Difficulty opening and closing: A repair may be possible, but if your windows stick because they’re no longer square, a replacement is needed. The Signature collection’s extruded aluminum frames will remain square for a lifetime.

  • Drafty windows: Windows that leak air because of rotten frames, loose sashes, or single-pane glass should be replaced. Triple-pane glass is available on all Marvin windows to maximize performance in New York City’s cold climate.

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