A One Of A Kind Unit In Brooklyn

This is an image of man standing in a custom wood window in Brooklyn, New York City.

WindowFix was delighted to be involved in this one-of-a-kind project. The brand new boutique condominium in Red Hook was challenging by design. For this particular bespoke unit on the second floor, we supplied and installed windows from three different manufacturers, each specified by the architect for their individual characteristics.

Romanesque Revival Brick Residence

Known as, “That Castle,” this three-story residence with its slate shingled turret is a truly unique property that was in need of some rehabilitation. We knew it was going to be a huge challenge to restore it back to the original details, particularly the curved glass windows in front.

High-Performance Vinyl Windows

The home had an existing, older generation of vinyl windows that had warped and were incorrectly installed. We had to reverse the errors of the previous contractor to get a secure and tight installation. Even the most energy-efficient windows in the world will not perform if they are not installed correctly.

Revitalized Home with Marvin Windows

The client had a specific style and look in mind. After presenting him with the Marvin window system and options, he knew right away this was what he wanted. The Marvin Integrated shade system solved the client’s window and shade needs in one elegant solution.