Remarkable 1888 Brooklyn Property Reborn

Our work on the remarkable Brooklyn property gave it a new life.


Wood Windows
Glass Doors

Crown Heights Historical District
1372 Dean St.
Brooklyn, NY


This stately example of the Romanesque Revival style in Brooklyn was built in 1888 for $8,000. It was commissioned by American architect Francis Hatch Kimball as his private residence. 

He’s best remembered for the lower Manhattan skyscrapers he designed, such as the Empire State Building and the Manhattan Life Insurance Building.

On a historical note, improvements in the transportation system allowed for faster construction and particularly so regarding the brick and stone townhomes and individual homes in this neighborhood. 

This impressive brick manse is located on a leafy street in the Crown Heights North Historic District neighborhood, between Brooklyn and Kingston Avenues. Over the years it has housed many families and is currently a 5-unit condo. 

Known as, “That Castle,” it is a grand and captivating three-story residence with a picturesque slate shingled turret that stands as a testament to architectural excellence. 

This unique property, though in dire need of rehabilitation, presented an exciting challenge that we gladly embraced. 

Our mission was to restore its original glory, paying particular attention to the magnificent curved glass windows adorning the front facade.

Recognizing the significance of this architectural gem, we diligently worked towards a Landmarks-approved solution that would preserve its historical essence while incorporating modern advancements.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence led us to exceed the stringent requirements set by the NYC Energy Conservation Code. To achieve this, we turned to Parrett Windows, renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs.

Central to our restoration efforts were the high-performance glass units from Parrett Windows. These meticulously crafted units not only boasted superior insulation properties but also showcased a host of captivating features. 

With a discerning eye for detail, we selected a distinctive paint color that would harmonize with the property’s overall aesthetic. 

Complementing this choice was the addition of exquisite brick molding, further enhancing the elegance of the windows. To maintain the integrity of the original design, true divided lites were meticulously integrated, lending an air of authenticity to the finished product.

By collaborating closely with Parrett Windows, we were able to seamlessly blend modern technology with timeless elegance. The installation of these remarkable glass units not only upheld the historical significance of “That Castle” but also ensured optimal energy efficiency. As a result, the property now stands as a shining example of sustainable restoration.

In surpassing the expectations set forth by the NYC Energy Conservation Code, we have successfully transformed “That Castle” into a beacon of environmental responsibility. The insulated glass units from Parrett Windows not only reduce energy consumption but also provide enhanced comfort for the occupants. 

Gone are the days of drafts and chilly winters. Instead, residents can revel in the cozy warmth of their newly restored sanctuary, all while significantly reducing their carbon footprint.

The revitalization of “That Castle” showcases our unwavering dedication to preserving architectural heritage while embracing modern advancements. We understand the significance of maintaining historical authenticity and the unique character that it brings to a property. 

By thoughtfully selecting Parrett Windows’ high-performance glass units, we were able to integrate tradition with innovation, breathing new life into this remarkable residence.

As “That Castle” stands tall today, its once-neglected windows now shimmer with renewed vitality. The curved glass panes, painstakingly restored to their former glory, evoke a sense of awe and admiration. The intricate details of the true divided lites are a testament to our commitment to excellence.

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