Cutting Edge Windows For Classy 8 Old Fulton Street

This brick condo is located in Brooklyn, New York City.


Parrett Wood Windows

Old Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY


Nestled at 8 Old Fulton Street in New York City, this classy residence offers an iconic view of the Brooklyn Bridge and the scenic East River. WindowFix recently  transformed this historic space, once known as The Brooklyn City Railroad Company Building.  

We enhanced the living experience by replacing all windows in the building. Parrett Windows & Doors, renowned for their craftsmanship, played a pivotal role in this endeavor, ensuring a seamless blend of form and function.

The original windows, weathered by time, were rejuvenated with Parrett’s exceptional craftsmanship and expertise. The choice of Parrett Windows & Doors was driven by their reputation for excellence and the desire to uphold the architectural integrity of the building. The replacement windows were expertly crafted using premium Sapele mahogany, an exquisite wood known for its timeless appeal and durability.

Sapele, a generously sized African hardwood tree, flourishes widely with trunks often surpassing 6 feet in diameter. Known for its straight trunk and abundant, straight-grained lumber, it permits a consistent harvest throughout the year. 

Its popularity in crafting doors and windows stems from its hardness and fine grain, ideal for intricate joinery, both indoors and outdoors. Sapele’s durability against decay amplifies its usage in such applications. Furthermore, its stability remains constant from felling to drying, establishing its reputation as a dependable and versatile wood.

Each window was meticulously constructed, incorporating weight and chain elements along with laminated insulated glass. The weight and chain system was not only an ode to tradition but also served a functional purpose. It allowed for smooth and effortless operation of the windows, ensuring optimal functionality for the residents. 

The laminated insulated glass, on the other hand, was a modern addition aimed at providing insulation and soundproofing benefits.

The introduction of laminated insulated glass played a pivotal role in deadening external sounds, creating a serene and tranquil living environment within the bustling city. Residents could now escape the noise of the outside world, enjoying a peaceful ambiance inside their homes. This upgrade significantly enhanced the overall comfort and well-being of the inhabitants, showcasing the thoughtful consideration given to classy, modern urban living.

Beyond functionality, the windows became a visual testament to meticulous craftsmanship. The rich, natural hues of mahogany added a touch of elegance to the building’s facade, seamlessly blending with the surrounding architectural aesthetic. The windows were carefully designed to complement the iconic views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the East River, allowing residents to immerse themselves in the beauty of their surroundings.

Moreover, the installation of these new windows represented a commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. The laminated insulated glass acted as an effective barrier against heat and cold, reducing the dependency on heating and cooling systems. This approach aligned with the growing focus on environmentally conscious living, contributing to a reduced carbon footprint and lower energy costs for the residents.

The window replacement project at 8 Old Fulton Street in New York City exemplifies a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. Through the expertise of Parrett Windows & Doors, the residence now boasts windows crafted from mahogany with a weight and chain system, coupled with laminated insulated glass. 

This upgrade not only pays homage to architectural tradition but also prioritizes functionality, soundproofing, energy efficiency, and sustainability. The result is a classy home that offers both a picturesque view and a peaceful sanctuary, embodying the essence of refined living in the heart of the city.

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Celebrating Excellence!

We at WindowFix are thrilled to announce that we have received the prestigious Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award for one of our outstanding storefront projects. A heartfelt congratulations to our very own Paul Mulcahy and our WindowFix team for this achievement.

WindowFix has been and continues to be a key player in preserving many of New York City’s historic landmarks. Take a moment to learn more about our work and this remarkable award-winning project.