Sounding Out The Skyline

This property was a waterfront industrial warehouse that was converted for luxury residential use. The existing windows were very large, making them hard to open, and in their new life as residents, they faced new issues with noise from the BQE and the Manhattan Bridge.

Adding Jewels To The Crown

In the early 1900s, The Ansonia was touted as the grandest hotel in New York City. To this day, it has some most unique and detailed architecture. This property has been featured in numerous films and is home to many notable individuals.

Rehabilitated Wood Windows

Together with our work with the Clock Tower, WindowFix rehabilitated and extended the life of over 300 wood landmark windows in a number of the surrounding buildings. The windows in the converted industrial apartments had a multitude of problems. We evaluated each unit, one by one, and assembled a list of parts needed to rehabilitate each unit.

Righting A Sinking Ship

WindowFix corrected a faulty window installation on 200 windows, installing 360 Caldwell Ultra Lift balances – Class 5, designed to lift 70% of the sash’s weight.