From Warehouse To 124 Quiet Luxury Condos

This former warehouse was converted into luxury condos.


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The “Clock Tower” in Dumbo
One Main St.
Brooklyn, NY


1 Main Street, also known as Charles William Stores Building No. 5, served as the Executive Building, housing the offices of the company’s president, executives, and various general office departments, along with a warehouse of stocks of wearing apparel.

The shipping department occupied the first and second stories, utilizing iron chutes to receive packages from upper floors. Additionally, other departments within the building managed order assembly, merchandise selection and procurement, goods inspection, and product testing in a laboratory.

The bustling general office hosted hundreds of individuals engaged in various office tasks such as letter writing, bill handling, mail sorting, and more.

The austere concrete facade, featuring large window openings, vertical piers, a rusticated base, projecting cornice, a prominent clock tower, and abstracted, classically-inspired details, exemplifies the Industrial Neo-Classical style.

Its reinforced concrete construction typifies American factory architecture of the time and contributes to the architectural and historical significance of the DUMBO Historic District.

Constructed in 1914 during a major development period, the building’s association with influential manufacturers like Robert Gair further cements its importance in the district’s history.

Fast forward to today, in the realm of luxury residential living, this impressive waterfront industrial warehouse underwent a remarkable transformation into a coveted residential haven.

However, this adaptive reuse project faced unique challenges, primarily concerning the existing windows. With a staggering 500 large windows in the one-time warehouse, residents struggled with their operation, which became a pressing concern.

Additionally, as the industrial space evolved into a residential paradise, new issues emerged, notably noise disturbances from the bustling Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (BQE) and the iconic Manhattan Bridge. In response to these challenges, WindowFix emerged as the solution to revolutionize the property’s window experience.

Addressing the 500 windows, WindowFix took a comprehensive approach to optimize their functionality. Upgrading the balances played a pivotal role in achieving smoother and more efficient window operation, ensuring residents could enjoy the city views without difficulty.

To combat the intrusive noise and create a serene living environment, WindowFix crafted custom sound-reducing glass. This innovative solution effectively shielded residents from the noise disruptions, allowing them to bask in tranquility amidst the vibrancy of the cityscape.

The window rehabilitation process was meticulously executed, with a focus on individualized care for each apartment. A dedicated team from WindowFix meticulously assessed each window, one by one, identifying the specific needs of every space.

The process involved weighing each sash to accommodate the additional heft of the sound-reducing glass, leaving no detail overlooked.

WindowFix’s dedication to delivering optimal results was evident in every step of the process. The team ensured that every window received the utmost attention and care, aiming to optimize both comfort and convenience for the residents.

The transformation of this industrial warehouse into a luxury residential space showcased a harmonious blend of classic adaptive reuse and contemporary living. WindowFix’s expertise played a pivotal role in preserving the building’s historical essence while thoughtfully integrating the iconic NYC skyline into the residents’ living experience.

With the upgraded windows and custom sound-reducing glass, residents now relished the scenic views without any disturbances from the bustling city outside. WindowFix’s expertise in addressing window functionality and noise challenges elevated the living experience for the property’s occupants, exceeding their expectations.

The adaptive reuse of this industrial warehouse into a luxurious residential haven presented specific challenges that WindowFix skillfully conquered. Their meticulous approach, addressing over 500 windows, upgrading balances, and crafting custom sound-reducing glass, resulted in a tailored solution for each space.

The outcome was a modernization of classic adaptive reuse, where the world-renowned NYC skyline was seamlessly integrated into the residential experience.

This transformation provided a serene and luxurious living environment, enhancing the property’s allure and showcasing the power of expert window solutions in elevating residents’ quality of life. With WindowFix at the helm, this waterfront industrial warehouse truly became a symbol of modern luxury living in the heart of the city.

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