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Safety & Installations

Each day, our crews address safety code violations across New York City. Your choice may be installing window guards, providing deterrent security as well as child safety, or hidden stops to prevent windows from opening too wide for code.

Learn how stay safe and get the whole family involved with this Home Safety Workbook for Kids from the National Safety Council.

Safety Services & Information

We offer aluminum and steel child guards in a variety of sizes and colors. We also offer open limiter devices for all styles of windows. Our fall safety products are approved by the NYC Department of Health and our fire escape gates are approved by the NYC Fire Department.

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New York City businesses are required to meet NYC Fire Code Regulations. To prevent the spread of fire in Lot Line situations, you may need to install fire-rated windows, doors, and glass.

Fire-rated windows provide extended protection from smoke and flames in the event of a fire. The degree of protection depends on the type of glass, but all fire-rated windows meet minimum requirements for slowing the spread of a blaze when a building is on fire. At Window Fix, we partner with Optimum to offer some of the industry’s best fire-rated windows and doors. This brand has revolutionized the commercial construction industry with a comprehensive line of self-closing, steel-framed solutions.

To ensure optimal real-world results, fire-rated windows are heat-tested to 1600 degrees F. During this test, the glass must hold fast, even during an extreme and rapid temperature change. When ordinary windows are subjected to such conditions, they shatter or otherwise react poorly to the thermal shock. However, fire-rated windows maintain their integrity.

The key characteristics of fire-rated windows include:

  • 45- to 90-minute fire rating
  • Cold-rolled or hot-rolled steel frames
  • U-value as low as 0.42
  • High energy efficiency ratings with National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) certification
  • Self-closing mechanisms on operable units
  • Factory-glazed finish
  • Powder-coat frame finish
  • Standard and custom colors are available

Aside from adhering to NYC fire code regulations, installing fire-rated windows offers the following benefits for your New York City business:

  • Prevent damage and injury: A building’s internal lining has a large surface area and gives off a great deal of combustion heat, so it contributes significantly to the spread of a fire. Fire-rated windows withstand incredible temperatures without shattering to help prevent damage and injury when a building is burning.
  • Stop fire from spreading around the building: Fire-rated windows can be used to confine fires to the room of origin for as long as possible. Interior fire-rated glass partitions slow the growth of fire significantly and maintain their integrity when exposed to water from the sprinkler system, even in a high-temperature environment.
  • Resist the spread of fire to nearby buildings: Exterior walls of commercial buildings are required to slow the spread of flames over their surface, thus reducing the chance of nearby buildings catching on fire. Any windows that are not made of fire-rated glass are considered unprotected and not code-compliant.
  • Make evacuation routes safer: Building regulations have strict guidelines surrounding fire protection for each escape route. Exit stairways, fire escapes, and other evacuation routes lined with fire-rated windows provide maximum safety and compliance.

Often requested to meet New York City Code or design specifications, WindowFix carries a full line of safety glass products that offer greater resistance against breakage and protection on impact. Safety glass protects by resisting breakage. Glass safety barriers provide security without obscuring your line of sight. Types of safety glass include:

  • Ballistic + Blast-Rated
  • Heat-Strengthened
  • Hurricane Rated 
  • Impact Rated 
  • Laminated 
  • Polycarbonate
  • Tempered
  • And combinations of…


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