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Parrett windows are a high-quality choice for solid wood and heavy-duty alumimum clad wood windows, particularly when maintaining historical accuracy is critical.  Parrett also offers windows for the religious market, as well as residential and commercial. These windows boast an extensive selection of wood species, glass types, and hardware options, making it easy to have them be as unique as your project. Dual-species products are also an option. All finishes are completely customizable to ensure that their windows and doors match the aesthetic of your home or building perfectly.

Parrett Window Features

Parrett windows and doors are a testament to premium quality and long-lasting performance, with the added benefit of being visually stunning. Customers are consistently impressed by the beauty of these products, which are meticulously engineered and constructed with exceptional care and quality. Unlike many mass-produced products, each window and door is crafted to meet the unique requirements of the individual customer, taking into account factors such as size, shape, style, and profiles.

The options available with Parrett windows and doors are nearly limitless.

Colors And Finishes
There are over 500 paint colors from which to choose, including custom formulations. Other finishes are also available, including natural, stained, and wood grain.

From bent and bullet resistant to insulated vintage and leaded glass, Parrett has at least 28 other options to meet your glazing requirements.

Available in 11 colors ranging from White to Rustic Umber with everything in between, including custom finishes.

Wood Species
With over 31 species of wood offered, many of which are FSC Certified, options are abundant. From Accoya and Ipe to Hawaiian Monkey Pod and Koa, imagination, and design need no boundaries.

At Parrett, their commitment to quality and excellence extends to the engineering of every product they offer. They design their windows and doors to deliver optimal energy performance while also being highly durable and low-maintenance. This commitment to performance and sustainability ensures that customers can enjoy the beauty and functionality of their Parrett products for many decades to come.

Overall, Parrett’s windows and doors are a testament to the value of quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. They are built to last, perform at the highest levels of efficiency, and provide exceptional beauty and functionality. For those seeking a premium-quality window or door that will exceed expectations, Parrett is an excellent choice.

Parrett Window Styles

Awning Windows
Hinged at the top, custom awning windows are available in all-wood and extruded aluminum-clad construction with either crank-out or piston systems and are favored for ventilation.

Bifolding Windows
Bifolding window systems expand living or working areas to offer clear outdoor views without obstructions. They work well for waiting rooms and pass-throughs. For interiors, bifold windows can open interior spaces to each other with up to 8 panels per direction for a total of 16 panels per opening.

Casement Windows 
Casement windows are versatile windows with side hinges which can be the traditional inswing, or the Euro Tilt-And-Turn inswing style. Outswing casements are available as crank out or pushout. They can be made of all-wood or extruded aluminum-clad construction, making them well-suited for almost any application.

Hung Windows
Hung windows are the most traditional style, typically they are double hung but can also be single hung to only have the lower sash operate. They are crafted with durable materials, including all-wood and extruded aluminum-clad construction. Their windows are customizable to match your desired style and character and are also available in spiral balance, weight & chain, and triple-hung styles.

Hopper Windows
Hopper windows are a popular choice for various settings, from historic replication projects to modern buildings, with hardware and screen options available. Parrett’s ability to design and manufacture hoppers outside of size and shape limitations sets them apart. 

Pivot Windows
These pivot windows combine European-style sash with their signature quality construction. They offer various features and hardware choices, including all-wood construction and multipoint and single-point hardware systems. Additionally, their pivot windows are available in oval, circle, and rectangular shapes to meet your specific needs.

Transom Windows
Parrett provides a beautiful solution to match and align a transom with a mass-produced door system, with options for all-wood or aluminum clad, direct or sash set, and multiple opening positions. They offer numerous hardware finishes and aluminum or wood screens to meet your needs.

Stationary Windows
Custom-sized fixed or architectural units are available in a wide selection of geometric shapes, irregular sizes, curved glass, and 90-degree corner glass. These windows are available in aluminum-clad or all-wood.

To learn more about Parrett products, please visit the following:

General Brochure 
Religious Brochure  
Historic Brochure

These resources provide detailed information on the different collections and products available.

Parrett Door Features

Parrett doors are a high-quality choice for solid wood as well as extruded aluminum-clad wood doors. Parrett offers replications of historic doors for Landmarked properties and the religious market, along with commercial doors. Their doors boast a selection of over 31 species of wood, which can be split-species on the interior and the exterior. Options include nearly 30 glass types and 11 hardware color options, making them easily customized. Over 500 finish options are standard, plus custom per your specifications. 

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