Window Repair Services

The windows in your New York City building are an important part of indoor comfort, energy efficiency, security, and aesthetics. When they function properly, you probably don’t give your windows much attention. However, as soon as one breaks, sticks, or refuses to stay open, you can think of nothing else! Don’t wait to fix your old or damaged windows — turn to WindowFix for a job well done. We have decades of experience serving residential and commercial customers in the five boroughs and beyond.

Window Repair Services

When our family-run window company first started in 1986, window treatment and glass repair were our specialties. Since then, we have expanded our services, but our roots will forever be in window repair. 

Repairing your home’s damaged windows can translate into substantial savings over complete window replacement. Window repair lets you keep your beautiful windows and conserve what makes your New York City home so unique. By repairing and replacing only the parts you need, you get to maintain your original curb appeal and save up to 70% while doing it!

WindowFix services most major window brands such as CRYSTAL, MARVIN, OPTIMUM WINDOW, and many more. Whether you’re dealing with wood rot, failed window seals, damaged hardware, or more, you can rely on our experienced window repair team.

Awning windows have moving parts. And that means they will eventually wear out just from doing their job of operating the window. The same can be expected of any mechanical device. Between the crank, the gears, and the hinges, parts can become stripped and worn over time. WindowFix can assess the window repairs needed and make it work like new again. Common problems include:

  • Sticking
  • Hinges Frozen
  • Crank Doesn’t Work
  • Broken Glass
  • Drafts
  • Faulty Weather Stripping

Due to the nature of the casement window construction, there are a lot of moving parts. With crank handles, multiple locking points, and hinge arms all having to work together it isn’t unusual for one component to fail, rendering the window useless. The hardware, sash, and frame all have wear and tear develop over time. WindowFix has repaired casement windows throughout New York City and we can make yours work like new again. Common issues include:

  • Sagging Hinges
  • Stuck Shut
  • Won’t Close
  • Broken Cranks
  • Locking Issues
  • Faulty Weatherstripping

Double-pane windows often require repair due to moisture trapped between panes. This generally occurs when a seal fails. And seals fail for any number or reasons, including age, harsh weather conditions, and the construction of the window itself.

The lack of a seal reduces energy efficiency and causes the glass to fog, reducing visibility. We’ll repair the seal, if possible, or replace the entire insulated glazing unit (IGU) if necessary.

Either way, your window will be like new again.

Double-hung window sashes can require repair for any number of reasons. Over time, they see a lot of use.  Weather contributes to condition issues, as does the building they’re installed in as it settles and shifts. The window frame itself may no longer be square and plumb. Sometimes they won’t stay up or close properly, or they’re difficult to operate. We have a solution no matter the issue.

Mechanical repairs include:

  • Balances – Spiral balances help the window operate by making the sash feel lighter and easier to raise and lower. Over time, they wear out and need to be replaced.

  • Lifts – This hardware provides a sturdy grip for operating the sash. Sometimes they become loose or go missing. Or, maybe they don’t suit your decor.

  • Locks – The value of peace of mind cannot be overstated for this vital piece of hardware. They can wear out and fail to latch properly.

  • Safety Restrictors – Prevention of accidental falls is paramount. By limiting the travel of the upper sash, ventilation is permitted without the risk of being able to open fully.

WindowFix repairs broken window glass. Whether a stray baseball shatters your window or a massive hailstone damages your skylight, broken glass leaves your building vulnerable to break-ins, water intrusion, and high energy bills.

WindowFix offers glass replacement services to restore your window. Choose from numerous products, such as insulated glass, low-E/energy-efficient glass, sound-reducing glass, safety glass, and more.

No matter where you live in the city, there’s no question that an effective window screen protects against insects, rodents, and wind-borne debris. At WindowFix, our teams are experts at ensuring your windows have the protection you need to enjoy a breath of fresh air every time you open the window.

WindowFix has years of experience and a vast stock of replacement parts, so we can repair virtually any window mechanism. From spring balances, and tilt locks, to push-out hardware, we can fix it. Plus, uncommon closing and safety devices are no problem for our team. We proudly offer many window mechanism repairs that are unavailable anywhere else.

Should I Repair or Replace My Window?

The decision to repair or replace a window comes down to the severity of the damage. For instance:

  • If you catch a rotting wood window early, you may be able to patch small areas with epoxy. However, if your windows are severely rotted, window replacement is the right choice.

  • If the glass is damaged, but the frame is in good condition, it’s usually most cost-effective to replace the cracked, scratched, or broken glass while keeping the original.

  • If the window seal is broken and the glass is foggy, defogging equipment may work, but it’s usually best to replace windows with this kind of damage.

  • If the window is difficult to open and close, a repair is usually possible — unless the window has stopped working properly because it’s out of square.

  • If the windows are drafty, it may be possible to fix them using caulk and weatherstripping. However, if the draft is caused by a loose sash, rotten wood, or single-pane glass, a window replacement is probably the correct choice.

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