Storm Windows for a 1900's Gem

Storm windows were replaced in the grand New York City building.

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Storm Windows

The Ansonia
Upper West Side Historic Property
2109 Broadway
New York, NY


In the early 1900s, The Ansonia stood proudly as the grandest hotel in New York City, boasting its unique and intricately detailed architecture. The apartment-hotel featured suites of 18 rooms and came with housekeeping services.

Even today, this property retains its historical charm and has become a notable location featured in numerous films. The Ansonia also serves as a residence for many distinguished individuals, such as baseball player Babe Ruth, writer Theodor Dreiser, and actress Angelina Jolie.

Over time, WindowFix has undertaken a crucial role in preserving the property’s historical integrity. To protect the existing historic wood windows, WindowFix has meticulously engineered and installed a series of Landmark-approved storm windows. Each storm window is tailor-made to fit the distinct window configurations and styles, ensuring a seamless integration with the property’s unique architectural design.

The primary focus of WindowFix’s work involves leaving the existing primary windows intact while introducing aluminum triple-track storm windows. These storm windows serve as a protective shield, safeguarding the primary window frames from the harsh elements while significantly reducing heat loss, thereby promoting energy efficiency.

Sourcing a product that meets the stringent specifications of this historical property presented a complex challenge, necessitating modifications to achieve the desired outcome. WindowFix’s expertise and dedication to perfection were instrumental in overcoming this obstacle. 

By skillfully sizing the storm windows and concealing the frames and cross members, WindowFix seamlessly integrated the storm windows without compromising the property’s aesthetic appeal.

WindowFix’s meticulous approach to the project included a detailed assessment of each apartment, examining every window individually to determine its specific needs. This custom-tailored approach ensured that each window received the necessary care and attention to maintain its historical authenticity while benefiting from the added protection of the storm windows.

In line with their commitment to excellence, WindowFix engineered a custom steel T-shaped mullion to provide additional support for the storm windows. Moreover, they designed custom frame expanders, allowing for secure anchoring of the storm windows and ensuring their seamless integration with the primary window frames.

The collaboration between WindowFix and The Ansonia exemplifies the harmonious blend of preserving historical architectural heritage and embracing modern solutions for enhanced energy efficiency and protection. By implementing Landmark-approved storm windows and custom-engineering solutions, WindowFix contributes significantly to the continued preservation of The Ansonia’s timeless charm and iconic status in New York City’s history.

The Ansonia’s historical significance as one of New York City’s grandest hotels in the early 1900s remains intact, with its unique and detailed architecture still admired to this day.

WindowFix has played a pivotal role in preserving this historical gem by engineering and installing Landmark-approved storm windows that protect the existing historic wood windows. The custom-made storm windows ensure a seamless integration with the property’s unique architectural design while providing crucial protection against the elements and reducing heat loss.

WindowFix’s dedication to excellence and innovative engineering approach allowed them to overcome complex challenges and ensure a perfect fit for each window configuration.

Their meticulous walk-through assessment of each apartment further showcases their commitment to preserving The Ansonia’s historical authenticity. With custom-designed steel mullions and frame expanders, WindowFix has expertly anchored the storm windows, seamlessly combining historical preservation with modern energy efficiency and protection.

This partnership exemplifies the harmonious balance between historical preservation and modern solutions, ensuring The Ansonia’s continued iconic status in New York City’s history.

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