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A building with tall windows on the front facade.


Wood Windows
Glass Doors

336 East 54th St.
184 East 64th St.
227 East 67th St.
225 East 81st St.
554 East 82nd St.
New York, NY


WindowFix, a well-respected expert in window and door installations, took on a challenging project that involved installing Kolbe windows and doors throughout a new construction development. 

The project also required a specialized Fire Rated window solution to address the lot line conditions. 

To ensure a seamless integration of architectural details with design requirements, the window manufacturer sought WindowFix’s expertise for a tailored solution.

The project presented a unique challenge of harmonizing the architectural elements with the specified design requirements. 

WindowFix’s exceptional capabilities led them to create a custom installation that effectively bridged the gap between the stone façade and the CMU block wall while seamlessly tying into the weather-resistant barrier. 

The team employed a range of high-quality materials, including compression tapes, air-tight tapes, and sealants by Tremco, to ensure a durable and weatherproof installation.

Beyond this specific project, WindowFix’s expertise extended to similar new construction developments, where they successfully installed windows and doors in four other locations. 

Their reputation for delivering exceptional results and specialized solutions made them a top choice for these construction projects.

The key focus of this project was the installation of Kolbe windows and doors. Kolbe is renowned for its premium quality, durability, and aesthetics, making it a perfect fit for this development. 

WindowFix’s extensive experience in handling Kolbe products ensured a seamless installation that complemented the overall design and architectural vision of the project.

The installation of a Fire Rated window solution was a critical aspect of this development, particularly considering the lot line conditions. 

WindowFix’s dedication to safety and compliance with building regulations led them to design a specialized solution that met the required fire rating standards, providing peace of mind to the occupants and property owners.

To address the specific challenges posed by the architectural details, WindowFix’s team of experts meticulously configured the installation process. 

By skillfully bridging the stone façade and CMU block wall, the team achieved a visually appealing result that seamlessly blended with the building’s exterior.

The integration of weather-resistant barriers was another essential consideration to ensure the windows and doors were protected from external elements. 

WindowFix’s attention to detail and use of high-quality materials, such as compression tapes, air-tight tapes, and Tremco sealants, ensured a robust and reliable weatherproofing solution.

This project is a testament to WindowFix’s ability to provide tailored and specialized solutions to unique architectural challenges. 

Our collaboration with the window manufacturer demonstrated their standing as a trusted partner for major construction projects.

Moreover, this installation was one of five similar new construction developments where WindowFix showcased their expertise. 

The successful execution of multiple projects attests to their consistency in delivering top-notch results, further solidifying their reputation in the industry.

WindowFix’s involvement in this project exemplifies their prowess in tackling complex window and door installations. 

Our collaboration with the window manufacturer allowed us to provide a specialized solution that harmonized architectural details with design requirements. 

By using Kolbe windows and doors, the team ensured a premium and aesthetically pleasing result. 

The Fire Rated window solution addressed the lot line conditions, reflecting WindowFix’s commitment to safety and compliance. 

With custom waterproofing and installation details, the team showcased their dedication to quality and weather resistance. 

This project, alongside four other similar new construction developments, illustrates WindowFix’s expertise in delivering outstanding results for large-scale window and door installations.

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