Lavishly Replaced 1000 Failing Windows

This is a red brick building in New York City.


Aluminum Windows

345 Montgomery St.
Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY


Known as The Dearborn, this pre-war co-op was builtin in 1928. It was originally a hotel, designed by architects Berlinger and Kaufman. It boasts a grand entrance with terrazzo tile and the units have elegant features, such as parquet flooring. And now they have new windows.

WindowFix, in close collaboration with the building architect, property manager, and board of directors, successfully undertook a project where they replaced 1000 commercially-rated windows within a complex. 

To meet the specific requirements of the project, WindowFix opted for custom-made, thermally-broken aluminum windows provided by Crystal Window and Door, a renowned manufacturer in the industry.

The bid for this project was awarded to WindowFix based on their exceptional ability to meet the architect’s specifications for the installation and window system. 

Recognizing the diverse needs of individual unit owners, WindowFix offered a range of upgrade options tailored to their preferences.

With a focus on enhancing aesthetics and functionality, individual unit owners were presented with various choices. 

These replacement options included two-tone paint colors, sound-reducing glass for added tranquility, AC kits and installations in compliance with NYC Code standards, child safety guards to ensure a secure environment, and fire gates for enhanced safety measures.

In order to cater to each unit owner’s unique requirements, WindowFix approached each upgrade option on an individual basis. This approach ensured that the preferences and needs of every unit owner were taken into consideration, leading to a seamless and personalized experience for all parties involved in the project.

Through meticulous planning and collaboration with all stakeholders, WindowFix executed the installation of 1000 commercially-rated windows flawlessly. 

The custom-made, thermally-broken aluminum windows provided by Crystal Window and Door were instrumental in elevating the energy efficiency and overall aesthetics of the complex.

The attention to detail and commitment to meeting the architect’s specifications showcased WindowFix’s expertise in managing large-scale window projects. B

y providing upgrade options tailored to individual unit owners, WindowFix demonstrated their dedication to customer satisfaction and meeting diverse needs within the complex.

Furthermore, WindowFix’s adherence to NYC Code standards in installing AC kits and child safety guards reflected their commitment to safety and compliance with local regulations. 

These additional features not only enhanced the living experience for residents but also provided peace of mind to property managers and the board of directors.

By addressing each unit owner’s preferences separately, WindowFix ensured that all windows replaced and the upgrade options seamlessly integrated with the existing architecture and design of the complex. 

This individualized approach resulted in a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing outcome that met the diverse requirements of the unit owners while maintaining the uniformity of the overall complex.

WindowFix’s successful completion of this complex window replacement and installation project stands as a testament to their professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction. 

Through collaboration with the building architect, property manager, and board of directors, WindowFix provided a tailored solution that not only enhanced the aesthetics and functionality of the complex but also catered to the unique needs of each unit owner. 

Their use of custom-made, thermally-broken aluminum windows by Crystal Window and Door exemplified their dedication to quality and energy efficiency and replaced the existing windows with those of much higher quality. 

With a focus on meeting NYC Code standards and ensuring the safety and comfort of residents, WindowFix demonstrated their expertise in delivering outstanding results for large-scale window installations.

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