200 Faulty Windows Rescued

The building is a brown brick building.

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Affordable Housing Complex
71 Wolcott St. & 135 Coffey St.
Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY


These two co-ops are located the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn. This urban waterfront area was purportedly the inspirations for the movie, “On The Waterfront,” by director Elia Kazan.  

WindowFix recently took on a critical project to address a faulty window installation affecting a total of 200 windows. With a commitment to excellence, they successfully resolved the issues by installing 360 Caldwell Ultra Lift balances, specifically Class 5, engineered to bear 70% of the sash’s weight.

A Bespoke Solution for Optimal Functionality

To ensure a proper fix, WindowFix embarked on a meticulous approach. The existing window balances and shoes were carefully removed to pave the way for the installation of custom-made Ultra Lifts. Each Ultra Lift was thoughtfully ordered to match the specific weight of its corresponding sash, guaranteeing optimal functionality and balance. This personalized approach resulted in windows that operated seamlessly and reliably, addressing the residents’ long-standing concerns resulting from the faulty work done previously.

Achieving a Seamless and Stable Window Installation

WindowFix’s attention to detail played a crucial role in achieving a seamless and stable window installation. The team meticulously removed prior installation screws and followed precise squaring and shimming processes. These measures ensured that the windows were correctly aligned and securely in place, significantly enhancing both performance and appearance. Additionally, WindowFix re-caulked the frames, reinforcing the windows’ performance while adding to their visual appeal.

Minimizing Disruptions in a Fully Occupied Property

The project presented a unique challenge as the property was fully occupied during the installation process. Understanding the importance of minimizing disruptions to the residents’ daily routines, WindowFix carefully coordinated the project. 

With efficient scheduling techniques and closely managed workflow, they ensured a smooth and hassle-free experience for the building’s occupants. The result was a successful project completion without causing unnecessary inconvenience to the residents.

Customer Satisfaction and Enhanced Living Spaces

At the onset, residents were understandably dissatisfied with their existing windows due to the faulty installation issues they had experienced. However, WindowFix’s diligent efforts and expertise led to significant improvements in window functionality. Once the problems were rectified and the necessary corrections made, the windows operated flawlessly, surpassing the residents’ expectations. 

The successful completion of the project brought immense satisfaction to the hundreds of affected residents. The corrected windows not only met their expectations but also contributed to an improved living environment, enhancing overall comfort and convenience on the property.

WindowFix: A Trusted Provider of Exceptional Solutions

WindowFix’s dedication to delivering exceptional service and ensuring customer satisfaction played a pivotal role in the project’s success. By promptly and professionally addressing the faulty window installations, WindowFix not only restored the residents’ trust but also solidified their reputation as a trusted provider of exceptional window solutions. Their ability to rectify complex window issues showcases their expertise, making them the preferred choice for challenging projects.

WindowFix’s recent window rectification project exemplifies their unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Through the installation of custom-made Caldwell Ultra Lift balances, meticulous adjustments, and efficient coordination in a fully occupied property, WindowFix successfully resolved the faulty window installations on 200 windows. 

The outcome was a multitude of satisfied residents now enjoying enhanced window performance and operation. WindowFix’s expertise and dedication to delivering exceptional service have positioned them as a trusted provider of window solutions, ensuring a brighter and more comfortable living environment for their customers.


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