Rehabilitated 300 Mammoth Landmark Wood Windows

This is am image of an former factory in New York City.


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Dumbo Historic District
81 Washington St.
66 Water St.
65 Washington St.
Brooklyn, NY


In collaboration with the Clock Tower project, WindowFix embarked on a remarkable endeavor which rehabilitated and extended the lifespan of more than 300 wooden landmark windows across several surrounding buildings.

The windows in these converted industrial apartments presented a multitude of problems, necessitating a thorough evaluation of each unit and the compilation of a comprehensive list of required parts for their rehabilitation.

To ensure the success of the project, WindowFix meticulously coordinated access with the client, allowing our highly skilled and experienced technicians to evaluate the conditions of each window in detail.

This assessment process involved carefully examining the existing windows, which were made entirely of wood and highly delicate, given their age.

With their sensitivity, the rehabilitation process demanded ample time and particular care to restore them to their original functionality and aesthetic appeal.

With a deep appreciation for the breathtaking panoramic views of Manhattan that these windows provided, WindowFix executed the repairs with the utmost precision and attention to detail.

The company recognized the significance of these expansive views in enhancing the overall experience of the residents and worked diligently to ensure that the rehabilitated windows lived up to their full potential.

The project required a well-orchestrated collaboration between WindowFix, the client, and the original window manufacturer.

By creating a comprehensive window schedule, WindowFix effectively managed the rehabilitation process, ensuring that the necessary repairs were carried out in a timely manner and to the exacting specifications of Landmarks.

This careful planning and coordination enabled the project to proceed smoothly, minimizing disruptions and maximizing efficiency.

WindowFix’s commitment to achieving exceptional results was evident in their meticulous approach as each window was rehabilitated.

Their skilled craftsmen meticulously addressed any issues encountered, carefully restoring the windows’ structural integrity and visual appeal.

By diligently attending to each unit, WindowFix ensured that every single window received the attention and care required to restore it to its original functionality.

Throughout the project, WindowFix remained dedicated to honoring the historical significance of these landmark windows while ensuring their longevity and servicability for the residents.

By extending the life of these wooden windows, WindowFix played a vital role in preserving the architectural heritage of the surrounding buildings and the unique character of the converted industrial apartments.

The successful execution of this extensive window rehabilitation project by WindowFix not only enhanced the aesthetic beauty and functionality of the windows but also contributed to the overall appeal and value of the surrounding buildings.

The commitment to detail, quality craftsmanship, and efficient coordination demonstrated by WindowFix ensured that the project achieved its objectives while surpassing the expectations of the client and the residents.

WindowFix, in conjunction with the Clock Tower project, undertook a remarkable initiative to rehabilitate over 300 wooden landmark windows across several surrounding buildings.

The evaluation of each unit, meticulous coordination with the client, and collaboration with the original window manufacturer were integral to the project’s success.

With their unwavering commitment to detail and the preservation of the panoramic views of Manhattan, WindowFix executed the repairs with precision and care.

By extending the lifespan of these windows and restoring their functionality, WindowFix contributed to the preservation of the buildings’ architectural heritage while enhancing the overall living experience for the residents.

Our company’s dedication to quality craftsmanship and efficient coordination ensured the project’s success, exceeding the expectations of the client and achieving remarkable results.

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