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WindowFix supplied and installed windows at 45 Summit Street, Brooklyn, New York City.


Wood Windows
Fiberglass Windows
Glass Doors

45 Summit St.
Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, NY


Built in 2016, 45 Summit Street is a 3-story condo with 6 units, located in the Columbia Street Waterfront District.

Situated within the realm of new construction, a multi-family rental property took shape, signaling a fresh addition to the urban landscape. 

The directive from our esteemed client was clear: an alignment of sight lines with the neighboring edifice that had graced the locale a few years prior was the overall goal.

In response to this custom requirement, WindowFix emerged as the orchestrator of a harmonious visual continuum. 

To bring this visual aspiration to life, a robust collection of 150 wood-fiberglass windows and doors was essential. 

The partnership with Marvin Integrity, renowned for their craftsmanship, proved to be instrumental.

This collaboration culminated in the production of the entire window and door ensemble in a remarkably short span of fewer than three weeks—a testament to the efficiency and dedication underlying the venture.

Yet, what truly elevates this narrative is the backdrop against which this endeavor unfolded.

A complex undertaking, it was further punctuated by a stringent timeline—a testament to the mettle of WindowFix.

Assembling the puzzle pieces of this intricate project within the confines of a compressed schedule speaks volumes about the resourcefulness, skill, and sheer determination that underpinned the execution.

The challenge extended beyond the mere logistics of a tight timeframe.

The pursuit of symmetry with the neighboring architectural entity necessitated meticulous attention to detail.

The alignment of sight lines was a delicate art, where precision was paramount. 

WindowFix took on the mantle of not just fulfilling a requirement but embodying an ethos of visual harmony that resonated with the surrounding milieu.

The orchestration of this intricate ballet of construction was a testament to the collaborative effort at play. 

WindowFix’s synergy with Marvin Integrity was a pivotal catalyst in actualizing this endeavor.

The swiftness with which 150 wood-fiberglass windows and doors were conjured stands as a testament to the manufacturing prowess and commitment to excellence that both entities exude.

Stepping back, it’s evident that this narrative encapsulates more than just the seamless installation of windows and doors.

It’s a tale of synchronization with architectural heritage, a dance of lines and angles that pay homage to the past while embracing the present.

Each window and door installed is a piece of this narrative, threading together a story that intertwines innovation and tradition.

In the grand tapestry of construction, the completion of this ambitious venture is a thread that stands out.

The narrative of WindowFix’s involvement in this multi-faceted endeavor is a lesson in dedication.

The journey from concept to creation was navigated with precision, translating the client’s vision into tangible reality while upholding the benchmarks of craftsmanship and quality.

In the final analysis, this is not merely a story of construction—it’s a narrative of commitment.

From the inception of aligning sight lines to the expedited manufacturing process and the deft installation, every phase speaks to the unwavering commitment of WindowFix.

This venture serves as a testimony that in the realm of construction, time constraints are not limitations but opportunities to showcase ingenuity and determination.

Ultimately, this project transcends the boundaries of bricks and mortar.

It is an embodiment of the ethos of WindowFix—where vision, collaboration, and unyielding dedication converge to create not just buildings, but narratives etched in steel, glass, and the annals of architectural history.

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