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 When it comes to designing a property, meeting the client’s specific style and look requirements is crucial. 

Our team recently faced a challenging project where the client desired a seamless integration of windows and shades.

Through careful consideration and collaboration, we introduced the Marvin window system, which proved to be the ideal solution that both delighted the client and addressed their needs.

In any architectural project, understanding the client’s vision is paramount. Our client had a clear idea of the style and aesthetics they desired for their property. 

After exploring various options, we presented the Marvin window system.

This approach struck a chord with the client instantaneously. Its sleek design and innovative features resonated with their vision, making it the obvious choice.

The key to success in this project was finding a solution that not only met the client’s style preferences but also catered to their practical needs. The Marvin Integrated shade system proved to be the perfect answer. 

This innovative system seamlessly combines high-quality windows with integrated shades, eliminating the need for additional installations and offering a harmonious appearance. 

Designed to open from the top or the bottom, there are no cords and they can be factory installed or retrofitted. They come in 15 shades and the material even repels dust and dirt.

The epitome of elegance, these shades feature fully concealed mechanisms and hidden cord systems. 

Whether you prefer blackout or light-filtering fabrics, these  offer optimal privacy and control over natural light. 

Choose from a stunning array of 15 colors to perfectly complement your interior decor.

For a seamless and polished look, the surrounds can be ordered prefinished with Marvin’s factory-applied interior finishes. 

The  material is not only anti-static but also resistant to liquid, dust, and soil, backed by a reliable 10-year warranty.

With a precise fit, you can enjoy virtually no light bleed along the edges, ensuring a flawless and comfortable ambiance. 

The integrated design seamlessly blends the shades into your living area, eliminating any protrusion.

Marvin’s innovation extends to sliding doors, where the shade stack remains completely hidden when retracted, maintaining a neat and uncluttered appearance. 

Elevate your window treatments with our concealed mechanisms, offering both superior functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Unlike designs that are between the panes, this system can be used with windows having true divided lights.

Apart from its elegant design, the Marvin Integrated shade system offers unparalleled functionality. 

Through thoughtful collaboration with the contractor, we accurately measured the windows’ rough openings to accommodate the sizes provided by Marvin.

This ensured a perfect fit, leaving no room for installation errors. Furthermore, the ease of operation of the integrated  system added to the overall functionality of the windows, making daily usage a breeze for the client.

In any construction or renovation project, teamwork is crucial. We worked closely with the contractor throughout the process to ensure a smooth and efficient installation of the Marvin window system. 

By providing precise measurements and detailed information, we empowered the contractor to prepare the rough openings adequately, streamlining the installation process and avoiding any delays or extra expenses.

When it comes to creating the perfect ambiance in your property, the choice of windows and shades plays a vital role. 

The Marvin window system, with its integrated shade solution, not only met our client’s style preferences but also provided exceptional functionality. 

The successful collaboration with the contractor ensured a seamless installation, resulting in a satisfied and delighted client.

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