Creative Collaborative 1899 Redesign

This building has architectural steel windows.


Architectural Steel Windows & Doors

380 Van Brunt St.
Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY


An enduring red-brick structure, constructed in 1899, serves as a witness to the evolving interplay of time and design. This building has undergone a remarkable transformation into a luxury multi-family residence, now boasting three distinct living spaces across its three floors.

What sets this project apart is the exceptional collaboration between the property owner, who also served as the creative architect—a dual role seamlessly embraced. This unique partnership eased the translation of visionary designs into tangible reality, blending historical charm with contemporary flair.

WindowFix orchestrated the extensive installation and assembly of tailor-made steel components.The project encompassed an  array of custom windows, doors, skylights, and a curtain wall.  However, the crowning achievement was the meticulous on-site installation of glass panels, exemplifying our ability to execute flawlessly.

Central to the success of this endeavor was our close partnership with Optimum, the premier architectural steel window manufacturer. Together, we crafted structural configurations that breathed new life into the facade, leveraging their expertise in crafting high-quality architectural steel products.

Throughout the collaboration, we served as the on-site logistics coordinator to ensure a seamless workflow. The assembly of robust steel frames demanded technical expertise. 

As the conduit between creativity and tangible manifestation, WindowFix has proven that architectural dreams can indeed materialize, down to the last steel frame and glass pane. This undertaking stands as a testament to the profound impact of expertise, dedication, and shared vision in reshaping spaces and pushing the boundaries of conventional construction.

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Celebrating Excellence!

We at WindowFix are thrilled to announce that we have received the prestigious Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award for one of our outstanding storefront projects. A heartfelt congratulations to our very own Paul Mulcahy and our WindowFix team for this achievement.

WindowFix has been and continues to be a key player in preserving many of New York City’s historic landmarks. Take a moment to learn more about our work and this remarkable award-winning project.