Maimonides Medical Center

This is a set of automatic doors installed by WindowFix.


Custom  Storefront

4802 Tenth Avenue
Brooklyn, New York City


Window Fix played a pivotal role in the revitalization of the Maimonides Medical Center OPD project by providing bespoke solutions in the form aluminum windows, storefronts, power-assisted entrance doors, and vestibule doors. Our adeptness in tailoring solutions allowed for the seamless incorporation of these elements into the overall design of the medical center.

The custom aluminum windows and storefronts not only serve an aesthetic purpose but also significantly contribute to the energy efficiency and functionality of the building. The use of aluminum as a material offers durability, sleek design possibilities, and resistance to corrosion, making it an ideal choice for the challenging environment of a medical facility.

The windows, designed to fit the unique specifications of the project, not only enhance the visual appeal of the medical center but also play a crucial role in regulating natural light, ventilation, and temperature within the building.

In addition to the windows and storefronts, our involvement extended to the implementation of power-assisted entrance doors and vestibule doors. These additions were strategically integrated to enhance accessibility and control air infiltration, ultimately creating a more comfortable and secure environment for both patients and medical staff.

The power-assisted entrance doors are designed to provide ease of access, catering to individuals with diverse mobility needs. This inclusivity ensures that the medical center is accessible to everyone, including those with physical disabilities or limitations. The seamless integration of these doors aligns with modern design principles while prioritizing the diverse needs of the medical center’s visitors.

Furthermore, the vestibule doors play a critical role in maintaining a controlled interior environment. By preventing the unregulated exchange of air between the exterior and interior spaces, these doors contribute to energy efficiency and climate control.

This is particularly crucial in a medical setting where maintaining a stable and comfortable environment is essential for the well-being of patients and the efficiency of medical procedures.

The combined impact of these elements goes beyond mere functionality. The careful consideration and customization of each component contribute to an overall atmosphere of professionalism, modernity, and efficiency within the medical center. The design and implementation of these features reflect Window Fix’s commitment to not only meeting the specific requirements of the Maimonides Medical Center but also elevating the overall standard of the facility.

Our collaboration with the Maimonides Medical Center involved a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges and needs associated with healthcare facilities.

The customized solutions provided by Window Fix were not only aimed at enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of the medical center but also at addressing specific concerns related to patient care, accessibility, and energy efficiency.

Window Fix’s contribution to the Maimonides Medical Center OPD project extends beyond the mere provision of windows, storefronts, and doors. It represents a commitment to tailored solutions that integrate seamlessly into the architectural vision of the medical center while addressing the diverse needs of its occupants.

The result is a harmonious blend of aesthetics, functionality, and efficiency that enhances the overall experience for both patients and staff.

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