Averting a 911 Facade Emergency at NYC Hospital

WindowFix averted a facade emergency at this New York City hospital.


Aluminum Windows

Jacobi Medical Center
NYC Health & Hospital Corp.
1400 Pelham Parkway
Bronx, NY


Jacobi Medical Center’s site was once home to the Morris Park Racecourse, built by John A. Morris in 1889. A fire in the early 20th century led to the racetrack’s closure, and the land was sold for housing. 

In 1949, the New York City Department of Hospitals bought 64 acres to create a peaceful, spacious, and teaching hospital away from city congestion.

WindowFix undertook a complex and demanding project involving the supply and installation of 140 custom architectural windows, meticulously adhering to the specified requirements.

One of the primary challenges encountered during this project was the deteriorating condition of the existing façade, which was gradually pulling away from the building. Additionally, there were other hazards within the façade that needed to be addressed. 

To overcome these challenges, WindowFix devised a unique solution that ensured the preservation of both the interior and exterior while allowing for necessary repairs.

The chosen approach involved retaining the existing original window mainframes and applying preset panning over them. 

This technique not only prevented any damage to the interior and exterior surfaces but also facilitated the removal of the original windows for repairs and replacements. 

By implementing this strategy, WindowFix effectively addressed the structural concerns of the façade while preserving the integrity of the building.

An additional complexity of the project was the fact that the building was fully occupied, with sensitive equipment located on each floor responsible for managing the data for the NYC Health and Hospital Corporation (HCC). 

Recognizing the importance of maintaining uninterrupted operations and safeguarding the critical equipment, WindowFix meticulously coordinated access and set-up procedures. 

Special precautions were taken to ensure that the existing interior conditions were protected throughout the installation process, minimizing disruptions and potential damage.

Moreover, WindowFix approached the project with utmost sensitivity to the time constraints imposed by the Directors of HCC. 

They recognized the significance of completing the project within the specified timeframe and employed a team of skilled professionals well-versed in working efficiently and promptly. 

To comply with labor regulations and guarantee fair wages for the workers involved, Prevailing Wage Labor was employed, ensuring compliance with labor standards and fostering a positive working environment.

By successfully navigating these challenges, WindowFix demonstrated their commitment to delivering high-quality results while considering the unique circumstances of the project. 

The meticulous planning and execution of the installation process ensured that the building’s occupants experienced minimal disruption and that the sensitive equipment remained secure.

Ultimately, WindowFix’s expertise and careful attention to detail enabled them to fulfill the project’s requirements and satisfy the expectations of the NYC Health and Hospital Corporation. 

The successful completion of the project not only showcased WindowFix’s capabilities in handling complex architectural installations but also solidified their reputation as a reliable and efficient provider of window solutions.

WindowFix tackled the demanding task of supplying and installing 140 custom architectural windows for a project that posed various challenges. The preservation of the deteriorating façade and the protection of sensitive equipment within the occupied building were significant considerations. 

Through their innovative approach of utilizing preset panning over the existing mainframes, WindowFix effectively addressed these challenges without compromising the building’s integrity. 

Careful coordination, protection of interior conditions, and adherence to Prevailing Wage Labor regulations were integral to the project’s success. WindowFix’s commitment to meeting the specified pace set by the Directors of HCC ensured a timely completion of the project.

By navigating these complexities with expertise and professionalism, WindowFix achieved the desired outcome, reinforcing their reputation as a trusted provider of architectural window solutions.

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