Village Landmark in Real Time

A red brick building with a tree in front of it.


Wood Windows

Greenwich Village Historical District
50 Morton St.
New York, NY

On one of the most sought-after streets in Greenwich Village, we married the classic and the modern with a custom-designed, LPC (Landmarks Preservation Commission)-an approved solution that met modern energy code.

The results were insulated high-performance glass units with distinctive paint, brick mould, and divided lites. The in-swing casement windows required a custom horizontal mullion.

This job had many interesting details that we needed to replicate. First, we needed to present the existing conditions and our proposed conditions to the LPC. Then we worked closely with the manufacturer to translate the project needs into shop drawings. Every detail in the design was specific and unique to this property.

The installation required a full-frame tear-out of the existing 100+-year-old window frames. This was necessarily a messy demolition in fully occupied apartments.

However, WindowFix minimized the disruption by fully protecting all floors and furnishings as well as a meticulous cleaning up afterward.

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