Towers On The Park

This is an image of a high rise condominium in New York City.


500 IGUs

West 110th St.
Nos. 220, 300, 301
New York, NY


Towers on The Park is a residential complex in New York City, which overlooks Central Park. The complex is comprised of three high-rise buildings located at 220 West 110th St., 300 West 110th St., and 301 West 110th St., offering a total of 600 condo units. WindowFix undertook a major renovation project, during which they replaced almost 500 glass panels in the properties within just 60 days.

The glass panels used in the renovation were of high quality, featuring 3/4″ insulated glass consisting of two layers of glass, 1/8″ bronze annealed over 1/8″ clear annealed, with an intercept spacer in between. This design ensures excellent insulation and energy efficiency, blocking out external noise and reducing energy costs for the residents.

All the windows in the properties, both slider and stationary, required glass replacements. The new glass panels were high quality, chosen for their durability, and aesthetic appeal.

The renovation project has significantly enhanced the living experience of the residents at Towers on The Park. The new glass panels provide an updated, modern look to the properties, as well as improve the noise reduction and energy efficiency of the units. The residents can enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding areas, without being disturbed by external noise, making their homes a comfortable and peaceful sanctuary.

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