Righting A Sinking Ship

Value Engineering

Window Parts

Affordable Housing Complex
71 Wolcott St. & 135 Coffey St.
Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY

WindowFix corrected a faulty window installation on 200 windows, installing 360 Caldwell Ultra Lift balances – Class 5, designed to lift 70% of the sash’s weight.

We removed existing window balances and shoes and replaced them with custom-made Ultra Lifts, ordered to the specific weight of each sash. We removed prior installation screws, properly squared and shimmed windows, and re-caulked the frames.

The property was fully occupied, requiring careful coordination and scheduling. Understandably, many residents were upset with the existing windows since they had been recently installed, but once we made the corrections, the windows operated perfectly.

The end result: hundreds of residents, extremely satisfied.

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