Retouching Gloss Studio


Aluminum Windows

Gloss Studio
Commercial & Office Building
137 West 25th St.
New York, NY


Gloss Studio is one of the leaders in photo retouching for the fashion industry. WindowFix supplied and installed Custom Heavy Commercial, thermally-broken windows by Crystal Windows, which were hoisted to the 8th and 9th Floor.

The client on this project was very hands-on and had specific requirements they wanted to achieve. One of the main requirements was 98” tall full-height window. There was no way to fit this size window in the elevator or thru the stairway.

We needed to engineer an installation detail, waterproofing detail, and anchoring detail. We solved this issue by coordinating with the building contractor to set up a swing stage off the roof, loading the windows on the swing stage platform, and having the contractor/rigger bring the windows to the openings. We used a receptor system and subsill, which solved all of the details.

WindowFix completed the project ahead of schedule and under budget.

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