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Landmark & Code Compliance
Value Engineering


Aluminum Windows


Greenwich Village Historical District
215 West 10th St,
New York, NY


One of the largest family-owned property managers in NYC, AR Kalimian, reached out to us about this site after we successfully installed over 500 windows for them throughout the city.

Their windows were out of compliance, and they asked us to provide a solution that would last and require little-to-no maintenance.

Through this project we demonstrated that we could obtain approval from the NYC Landmark Preservation Commission for an aluminum window, which they rarely approve.

We then secured a custom engineered solution through Graham Architectural Products with their Aluminum Thermally Broken windows.

This was a fully occupied rental property. The greatest challenges were coordinating access with the tenants, preparing the workspace, and cleaning up so that it looked like we hadn’t been in the building.

The existing exterior masonry openings had eyebrow and half-circle arches, while the interior of the window was square. We had to design a window that would fit into this opening as well as source a flexible exterior brick molding profile to follow the arch.

Landmarks required a custom green exterior color to match a Benjamin Moore “Lush”, with a white interior color.

We met these rigorous demands, while complying with the NYC’s Energy Conservation Code.