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Aluminum Windows


345 Montgomery St
Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY


WindowFix worked closely with the building architect, property manager and board of directors to supply and install 1000 commercially-rated windows throughout this complex. This product was custom made, thermally-broken aluminum, manufactured by Crystal Window and Door.

Window Fix was awarded the bid for this project based on our ability to provide an install detail and window system per the Architect’s specifications. We were able to offer individual unit owners the options such as: two-tone paint colors, sound reducing glass, AC kits and installations to NYC Code standards, child safety guards, and fire gates. We dealt with each individual unit owner separately for every upgrade option.


“The project was very challenging. The co-op board had decided to replace all the original windows with new thermally broken aluminum windows with insulating glass. Our office was called in after the contracts had been signed with WindowFix. Our role was to review code compliance, quality and details of the proposed installation, and review the installation, punch list, etc. We were very impressed with WindowFix’s response, knowledge, flexibility, and willingness to do the right job. The contract was revised and the project was completed to our satisfaction. The residents of the building were delighted with the new windows!”

Iris Whitaker