Park Side East & West

This is an images of the high rise red brick condominium Park Side East in Jersey City, New Jersey.


Insect Screens

Park Side West: 40 Newport Parkway
Park Side East: 30 Newport Parkway
Jersey City, New Jersey


Park Side West and Park Side East are two high-rise buildings located at 40 Newport Pkwy and 30 Newport Pkwy, respectively. Together, these buildings boast over 800 units. WindowFix carried out a significant renovation project in both buildings, which included the installation of over 400 glass panes and more than 1000 new window screens.

The glass panes installed in both buildings are 5/8″ insulated glass, which comprises two layers of 3/16″ clear tempered glass with an insulating layer between them. This type of glass is known for its superior thermal insulation properties, which help to reduce energy costs and create a more comfortable living environment for residents.

The installation of the new window screens is also a noteworthy improvement. Window screens are an essential component of any residential building, as they help to keep insects and debris out while allowing fresh air to circulate freely. The addition of over 1000 new window screens is a significant enhancement to the buildings’ overall air quality and resident comfort.

Overall, the installation of new glass panes and window screens in both Park Side West and Park Side East represents a major upgrade to the buildings’ infrastructure. These improvements not only enhance the aesthetics of the buildings but also improve the living conditions for their

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