Modern Archeology in Soho


Wood Windows
Glass Doors

Soho Historical District
152-154 Spring St.
New York, NY


This was a mixed-use building, featuring two buildings joined together and an addition added to the roof and back of both properties as part of an adaptive reuse project.

WindowFix supplied and installed 100+ Marvin custom windows and doors in accordance with Landmark and Energy codes, obtaining a Certificate of No Effect (CNE) Permit. This was a large project with lots of interesting details and a variety of styles. We needed to replicate the original mullions, grids, and arch window assembly details.

We assisted in presenting the existing conditions and the proposed conditions to Landmarks, working closely with the manufacturer to translate the project needs into shop drawings. It was extremely difficult to translate the arched window assembly to Marvin as the existing masonry arch was not a standard ellipse, quarter circle, or oval.

We had to do some digging… so we put on our archeologist hats, carefully removed the existing original brick molding, and brought the casing back to our shop. We then put the pieces of this old fossil back together, which allowed us to create an accurate template to send to Marvin’s production team.

We also faced a challenge with the large window assemblies that had been factory mulled with a width of over 120”. We hoisted the frames up through the elevator shaft. With a little creative thinking, WindowFix gets the project completed.

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