Effortless Phantom Retractable Screen on 5th Street

This is a Phantom retractable insect screen.


Phantom Retractable Screen

Park Slope
Brooklyn, NY


In the lively neighborhood of Park Slope, located in the borough of Brooklyn, a notable improvement to a home took place—a retractable screen was installed by WindowFix, featuring the impressive XL Manual Wall Screen by Phantom Screen. 

This particular screen is carefully engineered to accommodate large coverings, offering a remarkable blend of size and functionality. With dimensions reaching an expansive 120 inches in width and 170 inches in height, this screen is an optimal choice for applications involving a 4-panel stacking door.

The XL Manual Retractable Wall Screen from Phantom Screen represents a pinnacle of engineering and design prowess, elegantly merging functionality with aesthetic allure. When it isn’t in use, it disappears into a discreet cassette mounted on the door jamb. 

The generously proportioned dimensions cater precisely to larger spaces, presenting an elegant and practical solution for enhancing both residential and commercial environments. The specific dimensions are tailored to perfectly suit multi-panel stacking doors, ensuring smooth operation while preserving a sleek and stylish appearance.

Phantom Screen, a reputable name renowned for its steadfast commitment to excellence and continuous innovation, has certainly showcased these attributes in this application. 

The XL Manual Wall Retractable Screen exemplifies cutting-edge technology, guaranteeing not only ease of use but also remarkable durability. Its manual control system is designed to facilitate effortless opening and closing, granting users convenient management and control over the screen.

Furthermore, the design of the Phantom Screen XL Manual Wall Screen is curated to seamlessly integrate with a diverse range of architectural styles, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the space. Its design features clean lines and a discreet profile, enhancing the visual appeal of the environment, and contributing to a sophisticated and modern ambiance.

Residents and visitors can now enjoy the advantages of this elegant installation—a perfect fusion of practicality and design. Whether it’s for ensuring privacy, providing shading from the elements, or simply allowing the pleasures of the outdoors while being indoors, the XL Manual Wall Screen by Phantom Screen offers an exceptional solution for a broad spectrum of applications. This addition significantly enhances the quality of life and comfort for all.

WindowFix’s installation of the XL Manual Wall Screen by Phantom Screen reflects not only a testament to innovation but also our deep understanding of the community’s needs and the importance of tailored solutions. 

This retractable screen aligns perfectly with the contemporary lifestyle and architectural essence of the neighborhood, illustrating Phantom Screen’s dedication to offering solutions that seamlessly integrate into the fabric of various environments.

As residents and visitors step into homes or establishments featuring this screen, they are greeted by an embodiment of sophistication and utility. The manual operation of the screen allows for a personalized experience, enabling individuals to effortlessly adapt their surroundings to their preferences, whether it’s enjoying the gentle breeze while keeping insects at bay or embracing the privacy it provides when desired.

The XL Manual Wall Screen by Phantom Screen is not merely a utilitarian addition; it’s a statement of elegance and practicality combined. The impressive dimensions signify its adaptability to varying architectural setups. And this adaptability in turn speaks to the brand’s foresight in creating solutions that cater to diverse needs while maintaining a high standard of quality and aesthetics.

Phantom Screen’s careful attention to design is evident in the screen’s clean lines and unobtrusive profile. It seamlessly integrates into the existing structure, adding to the space’s visual appeal without overshadowing other elements. The elegant presence of retractable screen enhances the overall ambiance, contributing to a refined and contemporary atmosphere.

The installation of the Phantom Screen XL Manual Wall Screen in the Park Slope, Brooklyn, home  enhanced the livability by embracing the outdoor brick patio. Beyond its functional attributes, this installation embodies a careful blend of form and function, catering to the needs of a modern community. 

It stands as a testament to Phantom Screen’s dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that harmonize with diverse environments, ultimately elevating the quality of life for those fortunate to experience it in this vibrant neighborhood.

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