Collaborative Redesign with Architectural Steel


Architectural Steel Windows & Doors

380 Van Brunt St.
Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY


WindowFix installed and assembled multiple custom architectural steel windows, doors, skylights, and a curtain wall. This included installing the glass for every unit on site.

The property owner was also the architect who dreamed up the design. He worked with Optimum, the manufacturer, to design all the configurations, but he needed an experienced team to install and glaze all the openings. WindowFix worked diligently to organize the order on-site, assemble the steel frames, and set the window mullions per shop drawings.

Working with steel requires a specific skill set and significant craftsmanship; the frames are heavy, difficult to mull together, and challenging to set into the openings. WindowFix’s expertise and execution were central to the success of this collaborative redesign.

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