Averting an Emergency at NYC Hospital


Aluminum Windows

Jacobi Medical Center
NYC Health & Hospital Corp.
1400 Pelham Parkway
Bronx, NY


For this project, WindowFix supplied and installed 140 custom architectural windows, per specification.

Some of the major challenges were that the existing façade was pulling away from the building and there were other hazards within the façade.

Our solution was to leave the existing original window mainframes and pan over them with preset panning. This avoided damage to both the interior and exterior and allowed us to conduct repairs once the original window had been removed.

The building was fully occupied, and the floors contained sensitive equipment that managed all the data for the NYC Health and Hospital Corporation (HCC). We carefully coordinated access and setup, and we protected the existing interior conditions.

Finally, we completed the project at the specific pace dictated by the Directors of HCC, using Prevailing Wage Labor.

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