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Storm Windows

The Ansonia
Upper West Side Historic Property
2109 Broadway
New York, NY


In the early 1900s, The Ansonia was touted as the grandest hotel in New York City. To this day, it has some most unique and detailed architecture. This property has been featured in numerous films and is home to many notable individuals.

Over the years, WindowFix has engineered and installed a number of Landmark-approved storm windows to preserve the existing historic wood windows. Each storm window is custom-made to fit each unique window configuration and style.

Our scope of work involves leaving the existing primary windows while providing an aluminum triple-track storm window to protect the primary frame from the elements, all while reducing heat loss.

Sourcing a product that could meet the specifications was complex and required modifications. Sizing these windows and concealing the frames and cross members provide to be an obstacle that we overcame.

WindowFix walked through each apartment, a window by window, to identify each window’s need. We engineered a custom steel T-shaped mullion to provide support, along with custom frame expanders to allow us to anchor the storm windows.

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