500 Arched Aluminum Windows For Village Landmark

Apartment building in NYC with windows installed by Window Fix

Landmark & Code Compliance
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Aluminum Windows

Greenwich Village Historical District
215 West 10th St.
New York, NY


AR Kalimian, a prominent family-owned property management firm based in New York City, reached out to us following our successful installation of over 500 windows across various city locations, including Greenwich Village. The property management company  struggled with non-compliant windows. This ongoing issue prompted a collaborative effort with our team to find a lasting solution requiring minimal maintenance.

Having previously engaged with this particular property management company on projects involving the rectification of windows that failed to meet regulations, our track record established our expertise in their eyes. With confidence in our capabilities, they approached us with a site-specific concern, seeking a solution that not only addressed compliance issues but also ensured a long service life that would be free of necessary repair issues.

This project showcased our ability to navigate the stringent requirements of the NYC Landmark Preservation Commission, a rare accomplishment for aluminum window installations. To achieve this, we collaborated with Graham Architectural Products, who provided a tailored, engineered resolution using their Aluminum Thermally Broken windows.

The project took place in a fully occupied rental property, which presented unique challenges that required careful coordination. We ensured that tenants’ daily lives remained unaffected by our operations while simultaneously preparing the workspace and executing the project in a manner that left no trace of our presence in the building.

Adapting to the architectural idiosyncrasies of the property, characterized by exterior masonry openings with eyebrow and half-circle arches in contrast to the square interior window design, demanded innovative thinking.

Our team successfully conceived a window design that seamlessly integrated with these disparate elements. Additionally, we sourced a flexible exterior brick molding profile that elegantly followed the contours of the arches, blending harmoniously with the existing structure.

Maintaining the unique aesthetic character of the property was essential, as was adhering to the guidelines set by the Landmarks Preservation Commission. This involved crafting a custom green exterior color, meticulously matched to Benjamin Moore’s “Lush,” while maintaining a contrasting white interior color.

Balancing these intricate design demands alongside functional requirements posed a considerable challenge, which we adeptly navigated.

In addition to the intricate design considerations and aesthetic requirements, we remained committed to upholding the energy conservation standards mandated by NYC Energy Conservation Code.

Balancing the diverse aspects of the project, we successfully met the rigorous demands of the Landmarks Preservation Commission and the stringent NYC Energy Conservation Code.

Our continuing collaboration with this property management company resulted in the successful resolution of their non-compliant window predicament.

This project exemplified our extensive experience in window installations, highlighted by our ability to secure approval from the NYC Landmark Preservation Commission for aluminum window installations.

Our capacity to navigate challenges ranging from tenant coordination to complex architectural adaptations, all while satisfying stringent aesthetic and regulatory standards, underscores our expertise and commitment to innovation.

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