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Residential Entry & Storm Doors in NYC

Does your home’s front entrance make a good first impression? Perhaps you wish your entry door were more aesthetically pleasing, or you have security or efficiency concerns. No matter what problems you hope to address, replacing your entry door or installing a storm door could be the right answer.

Window Fix installs high-quality entry and storm doors from ProVia and other top brands. We’re a family-run, customer-focused window and door company based in Brooklyn. When you work with us, you can expect responsive service and the best guarantees in the industry.

Window Fix has decades of experience providing storm door installation across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.

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Residential Entry Doors

When choosing a new entry door, you’ll find many styles and options available. You may be happy with a standard-sized single door, or you might want to create a grand entrance with oversized double doors. Then there are window panels, hardware, colors, and other options to choose from.

One of the first steps when installing an entry door is to determine what material you want. You have three main options:

  • Wood entry doors offer timeless beauty that’s hard to beat. Just be prepared to give your door a little extra care to keep it looking gorgeous for years to come.
  • Fiberglass entry doors can mimic the look of wood grain without the maintenance. This material is durable, even in harsh weather conditions, and insulated options perform efficiently.
  • Steel entry doors are a low-maintenance option that will never warp or crack. This material is also extremely secure and offers excellent insulation.

Need help deciding which type of entry door to install? The experts at Window Fix are happy to offer our advice.

Contact us online or call 888-677-9945 today to speak with a knowledgeable representative.

Storm Doors

Storm doors are installed in front of the primary entry door as an added layer of security and protection from the elements. High-quality steel and aluminum with tempered glass panels are the best choices for durability, longevity, and safety. Consider the many benefits of installing a storm door in NYC:

  • Improved efficiency: A properly installed storm door creates a seal between the entry door and the exterior. The air trapped between them serves as added insulation to keep cold air out.
  • Versatile ventilation: Many storm doors feature a sliding glass panel and built-in screen, allowing you to open the entry door when the weather is nice without letting insects in or leaving your home exposed to intruders.
  • Greater safety and security: Locking the storm and entry doors provides added protection. The strong frame and non-removable pin hinges of a storm door thwart any attempts to break in.
  • Enhanced curb appeal: Storm doors can have attractive aesthetic features, including etched glass panels and intricate metal inlays. Plus, the added protection from wind and rain keeps your front door in great condition for much longer.
  • Increased home value: Homebuyers recognize the benefits of storm doors, so installing one could increase the value of your home.

To maximize these benefits, team up with an expert storm door installer.

For top-notch entry door installation in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, or the Bronx, contact us today to request an estimate.

Install Entry & Storm Doors in New York City

Window Fix has proudly served residents and business owners in the Brooklyn area for over 30 years. We provide unmatched customer service and environmentally friendly window and door solutions. Choose us to install a professional, cost-effective entry or storm door, and you can expect improved security, efficiency, and aesthetics.

For a door that insulates, protects, and looks brand new, call Window Fix. Schedule your installation at 888-677-9945 or contact us online.

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