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Park Slope Historical District
223 Berkeley Place
Brooklyn, NY


WindowFix undertook the task of providing and installing over 30 custom windows and doors in strict compliance with both Landmark regulations and Energy codes.

This intricate project encompassed the installation of tailor-made Marvin wood-clad windows, accentuated by bespoke exterior brick molding. In addition to this, the project incorporated the integration of specialized Marvin Integrity Wood Ultrex windows and doors in the rear section of the property.

Navigating through the intricacies of Landmark regulations, particularly concerning the façade, posed a unique challenge. The absence of simulated divided lites or grids in the front windows allowed for a specific adaptation. 

Consequently, WindowFix was granted permission to craft the front windows from wood with an exterior aluminum cladding, aligning with the Landmark guidelines. However, in alignment with the preservation of the property’s historical aesthetics, Landmark stipulated that the exterior brick molding must retain its wooden composition. 

This mandate necessitated a creative solution to securely affix the exterior brick molding onto the Marvin aluminum-clad windows.

In response, WindowFix engaged in meticulous engineering to develop a seamless detail that not only ensured a watertight seal but also replicated the original exterior profile in terms of aesthetics. 

This innovation not only adhered to Landmark’s stringent requirements but also guaranteed the structural integrity of the windows. Collaborating seamlessly with the general contractor, Masterpiece Construction, who was concurrently executing an expansion of the property involving additional back and roof construction, WindowFix orchestrated a harmonious synchronization of efforts.

One of the key achievements lay in effectively managing the coordination of waterproofing specifications for both the windows and doors. This synchronization was critical in ensuring a coherent integration of the new elements into the existing structure, facilitating a flawless union of old and new. 

By aligning the sizing and waterproofing intricacies, WindowFix facilitated a seamless fit, thereby eliminating potential vulnerabilities that could arise from the integration of diverse components.

Masterpiece Construction’s augmentation of the property’s rear and roof was a simultaneous endeavor that demanded astute planning and execution. WindowFix’s meticulous attention to detail extended beyond their immediate scope of work to encompass the broader construction narrative. 

By proactively addressing potential areas of conflict or discrepancy, WindowFix contributed to the overall success of the project.

WindowFix’s undertaking of this project showcased their prowess in marrying compliance with aesthetic and functional excellence. Negotiating the multifaceted landscape of Landmark regulations and Energy codes, they orchestrated the installation of custom windows and doors that seamlessly merged historical preservation with modern innovation. 

The collaboration with Masterpiece Construction further exemplified their commitment to a cohesive construction process. Through inventive engineering and meticulous coordination, WindowFix not only achieved their immediate goals but also contributed to the enhanced structural and visual integrity of the property as a whole.

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