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Window Screens For Your NYC Home or Business

No matter where you live in the city, there’s no question that an effective window screen protects against insects, rodents, and wind-borne debris.

At Window Fix, our teams are experts at ensuring your windows have the protection you need to enjoy a breath of fresh air every time you open the window.

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Our Screen Installation Services

Our skilled technicians can install window screens on any size window, door, skylight, etc. Our installation process is detailed and thorough. First, we take careful measurements of the opening and confirm that the screen material will provide appropriate airflow and protection.

Before installation, we will determine the most effective method of securing the screen to the window frame, door frame, etc. The result is a window screen that is snug and secure and can stand up to windy, rainy, or snowy weather.

We can install a wide range of screens designed to meet your specific needs. Our screen options include:

  • Standard Fiberglass Insect-Resistant Mesh
  • Standard Aluminum Insect-Resistant Mesh
  • Invisible Mesh To Control Tiny Insects
  • Pet- and Insect-Resistant Mesh
  • Pollen Guard
  • Exterior Sun Control Mesh

Contact Window Fix at 888-677-9945 for more information about our window screen installation services.

Our Screen Replacement Solutions

Everything from errant baseballs to the slip of a screwdriver can puncture your window screens. If left unrepaired, these punctures will spread over time and become tears that rip across to the other side. Not only is this unsightly, but it ensures the window screen provides no protection.

When your window screen is beyond repair, we are happy to remove the damaged screen and install an intact replacement.

Contact Window Fix at 888-677-9945 to schedule screen replacement services.

Depend on Window Fix To Help You Screen Out Unwanted Guests

Since 1986, our family-run business has proudly served clients throughout NYC. We can install window screens on homes, apartments, businesses, and more. At Window Fix, our clients are like our family. Many of our clients have been with us since we opened.

We guarantee you will always enjoy superior service, reliable advice, and exceptional solutions that enhance the beauty and comfort of your property.

We are happy to help you put up a few barriers to keep unwanted guests from flying in and dropping by your home. We guarantee our window screens will provide the reliable, long-lasting protection you desire. Whether you want a screen installed on your window, door, or skylight, it’s our pleasure to provide the superior results you deserve!

Contact Window Fix at 888-677-9945 to learn more about why our clients trust us with their windows, doors, and protective barriers.

We will answer your questions and help you determine the best way for our teams to serve your needs.

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