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Professional Window Repair in SoHo

New York City’s SoHo neighborhood is known the world over for its loft apartments and vast collection of historic cast-iron facades. As the veritable cast-iron architecture capital of the world, this neighborhood was commonly referred to as the “Cast-Iron District” before it was renamed SoHo.

Due to the abundance of historic, 19th-century high-rises in SoHo, the businesses, retailers, and property managers here have unique window needs. Whether you’re hoping to keep your historic windows in serviceable condition or you’re looking for historically accurate replacements, Window Fix can meet your needs. With an eye on indoor comfort, energy-efficiency, security, and aesthetics, you can trust our knowledgeable window repair company to perform a job well done.

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SoHo Window Repair Services

When Window Fix opened in 1986, we were exclusively a window repair company. Since then, we have grown to offer many other services, but our roots will always be in window repair. Here’s what we offer our customers in SoHo:

  • Double-pane window repair: Whether the pane is loose or the seal is broken, we’ll perform a cost-effective repair, if possible, or replace the insulated glazed unit if needed.
  • Broken glass repair: Whether caused by accidental impact or deliberate vandalism, a broken window can’t stay that way for long. We can replace the IGU or even help you upgrade to insulated glass, sound-reducing glass, safety glass, and more.
  • Window frame repair: From dented aluminum to rotten wood, we can fix your existing window frames or install a new, high-performance replacement.
  • Window mechanism repair: We have a vast selection of replacement window parts, from spring balances and tilt locks to push-out hardware and hard-to-find closing devices.
  • Window screen repair: Ripped screens, bent frames, damaged tabs — whatever the problem, we can repair or replace your screens to restore full functionality.

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Window Repair vs. Window Replacement in SoHo

Window Fix technician installing casement window

Historic Window facade in Soho

Deciding whether to repair or replace the windows in your SoHo property depends on several factors. Here’s a breakdown of a few different scenarios:

  • Rotting wood? If you catch the problem early, you may be able to remove the rotten portions and patch the frame with epoxy. However, severely rotten windows should be replaced.
  • Damaged glass? If the frames are in good condition, replacing the glass may be more cost-effective than replacing the entire window.
  • Fog between the panes? This problem indicates a broken window seal. De-fogging equipment may help temporarily, but the problem will likely return. That’s why it’s best to replace windows with this type of damage.
  • Difficult to open and close? A repair is usually possible — unless the window gets stuck because it is no longer square.
  • Drafty windows? Adding caulk and weatherstripping may help. However, if the draft is due to a loose sash, rotting frame, or single-pane glass, replacing the window is probably your best option.

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Why Choose Us for Window Repair in SoHo?

After over 30 years as a family-owned business, Window Fix has become a go-to window repair company in SoHo. We are pleased to deliver responsive customer service and affordable expertise to make your interaction with us a pleasant one. We will do everything possible to repair your windows beyond your expectations. And if a repair is not possible, we will recommend energy-efficient, cost-effective replacement options.

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