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Expert Window Services in Lower East Side

Brick Building with fire escape on a corner
Popular for its nightlife, the Lower East Side is rich with restaurants, museums, and music halls. With this alluring scene, you’ll want an uninterrupted view through windows that are in mint condition. That’s where Window Fix comes in!

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Lower East Side Window Repair Services

Since opening in 1986, Window Fix has grown to offer a variety of services, though we’ll always remain close to our roots in window repair. Some of our window services include:

  • Window frame repair – We repair all types of window frames, ranging from dented aluminum to rotting or cracking wood.
  • Broken glass repair – Whether it was by accident or on purpose by a criminal, we got you covered.
  • Window screen repair – Keep the birds, bugs, and debris out of your building with a fully restored screen.
  • Double-pane window repair – Loose pane or broken seal? Not a problem! We’ll fix it up in no time at an affordable cost.

To learn more about our window services, call ​888-677-9945 or book a service online.

Window Replacement vs. Repair

In some cases, a replacement may be a better solution than repairs. Depending on certain factors and the severity of damages, repairs would only serve to prolong the inevitable. These instances can include:

  • Damaged glass – Once glass becomes damaged, its integrity is compromised, and therefore, it’s recommended to have it replaced to prevent shattering and injury.
  • Broken seals – These come in the form of fog between the glass panels in your window. Repair would only serve as a Band-Aid solution.
  • Warped shaping – When your windows get stuck and can’t move, it’s most likely due to them no longer being square from warping and will need to be replaced.
  • Drafts – This can be due to many factors, including a loose sash or rotting frame. Replacing your window would be the best solution to this problem.

No matter the damage, Window Fix can get it done! Schedule your window service online or dial ​888-677-9945 now!

Why Choose Window Fix?

Window Fix has served locals in the Lower East Side for over 35 years, providing exceptional residential and commercial window services. We’re proud to offer competitive pricing for all our window services. We service a variety of windows, ranging from aluminum and wood to fiberglass, vinyl, and steel. Window Fix is also a proud carrier of over seven brands, including Marvin, Crystal, and more! 

Discover the Window Fix difference for your window repair or replacement by contacting Window Fix at ​888-677-9945 today!