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Commercial and Residential Window Repair in Harlem

East Harlem brick building at sunset.

Harlem, New York City’s most storied neighborhood, is a cultural hub, and its architecture is inspired by the cultures represented there. There has also been a recent wave of gentrification in Upper Harlem as older buildings are razed to make way for more modern structures. Due to the rich history and abundant diversity in architectural styles and building ages, the businesses, retailers, and property managers in Harlem have unique window needs. Whether you hope to keep the windows in your historic shop serviceable, or you’re looking for an energy-efficient window installation for a new construction project, Window Fix has you covered. We have decades of experience serving residents and business owners with affordable prices and a job well done.

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Harlem Window Repair Services

Window Fix opened in 1986 exclusively as a window repair shop. We have greatly expanded our service offerings since then, but our business will always be rooted in window repair. Here are the services we offer:

  • Double-pane window repair: From loose panes to broken seals, we can suggest the best solution to fix your double-pane windows. We can also replace the insulated glazed unit, or IGU, as a cost-effective alternative to replacing the entire window.
  • Broken glass repair: Hail damage, vandalism, and break-ins leave your Harlem business vulnerable. We can repair the broken glass or suggest upgrading to insulated glass, sound-reducing glass, safety glass, or other modern options.
  • Window frame repair: Don’t let dented aluminum or rotten wood shine your business in a negative light. We’ll fix what we can and replace any frames beyond saving with new, high-efficiency materials.
  • Window mechanism repair: Thanks to our extensive selection of replacement parts, we are confident we can get your window mechanisms working properly again.
  • Window screen repair: Keep insects out more effectively by repairing ripped screens, bent frames, and damaged tabs.

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Window Repair vs. Window Replacement in Harlem

Not sure whether you should repair or replace the windows in your Upper Harlem building? Consider these factors:

  • Rotting wood: Catch the problem fast enough, and it may be possible to scrape out small rotten areas and patch the frame with epoxy. However, you should replace severely rotten windows.
  • Damaged glass: As long as the frame is still in good condition, replacing just the glass may be a money-saving option.
  • Fog between the panes: Defogging equipment may clear up the glass temporarily, but if the seal is broken, the fog will undoubtedly return. That’s why we recommend replacing windows that have this problem.
  • Difficult to open and close: Repairing the window mechanism may be possible — unless the window sticks because it’s out of square.
  • Drafty windows: Upgrading the caulk and weatherstripping may help. However, if a rotting frame, loose sash, or single-pane glass is to blame, replacing the window is likely the best choice.

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Why Choose Us for Window Repair in Harlem?

Family-run for over 35 years, Window Fix is proud to be the go-to window repair and replacement company in Harlem. We live in the communities we serve, which makes us uniquely qualified to work with New York’s distinctive architecture and people. Thanks to a combination of responsive customer service and affordable, professional services, we are confident we can repair your windows to your satisfaction. And when an upgrade is necessary, we can recommend replacement options that will exceed your expectations.

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