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Professional Window Repair in Upper East Side Manhattan

Adjoining Central Park, the Upper East Side boasts an impressive collection of handsome historic houses, luxury apartment high-rises, and Colonial Revival buildings. Developments from the 1860s, some of New York’s oldest standing buildings, still remain as Landmark Preservation properties. These are intermingled with surprising modern highlights, creating an eclectic array of architecture with unique window needs.

Whether you own a historic building or are preparing for a new construction project, you could benefit from the services we offer. Window Fix has decades of window installation and repair experience, offering affordable prices and the most comprehensive guarantees in the industry.

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Upper East Side Window Repair Services

Window Fix opened over 35 years ago as a window repair company. Since then, we have grown and expanded our services, but window repair still holds a special place in our hearts. We offer:

  • Double-pane window repair: Usually, the most cost-effective solution for a broken double-pane window seal is to replace the insulated glazed unit. This can save you money compared to putting in a whole new window.
  • Broken glass repair: We fix and replace glass damaged by accidental causes and intentional vandalism. This may be the right time to upgrade your windows with insulated glass, sound-reducing glass, safety glass, or other modern options.
  • Window frame repair: It’s sometimes possible to fix dented aluminum or rotten wood. Thanks to years of experience, we can often make damaged window frames look as good as new.
  • Window mechanism repair: We pride ourselves on having the largest selection of replacement parts available anywhere in the Upper East Side. In fact, we are confident we can repair any window mechanism, no matter how obscure.
  • Window screen repair: Repairing or replacing ripped screens, bent frames, and damaged tabs are the key to restoring full functionality and an attractive appearance.

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Window Repair vs. Window Replacement in the Upper East Side

When we come to your location, we can help you decide if repairing or replacing your windows is more cost-effective. In the meantime, consider these factors:

  • Rotting wood frames: We can restore mildly rotten frames by scraping out small damaged areas and patching them with epoxy. However, it may be necessary to replace severely rotten windows.
  • Damaged glass: Is the frame still in good condition? We’ll help you explore insulated glazed unit replacement as a money-saving option.
  • Fog between the panes: You may be tempted to try defogging equipment, but if the seal is broken, the problem will return. That’s why we recommend replacing foggy double-pane windows.
  • Difficult to open and close: We can probably repair the window mechanism to fix this problem — unless the window sticks because it’s no longer square.
  • Drafty windows: Caulking and weatherstripping an old window could improve its performance, but you may benefit more from replacing the window if a rotten frame, loose sash, or single-pane glass is causing the problem.

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Why Choose Us for Window Repair in Upper East Side Manhattan?

From a humble window repair shop to New York’s go-to window service company, we have come a long way since we started in 1986. Our reputation is built on responsive customer service, affordable window solutions, and honest, professional staff. We look forward to leaving you satisfied with a job well done, whether you pursue a window installation, repair, or replacement.

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