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Old brick building in East Harlem with roundtop windows.

East Harlem is known for being one of the largest Hispanic communities in the Big Apple. It is home to a vibrant population of Cuban, Mexican, Dominican, and Puerto Rican immigrants. The area roughly encompasses north of the Upper East Side and is bounded by 96th Street, Fifth Avenue, and the Harlem and East rivers. Construction of East Harlem dates back to the 1860s, and, as you can imagine, such a historic and diverse community has a lot of, shall we say, vintage windows. If you’re a proud East Harlem resident or business owner looking to get your windows repaired without ruining your building’s character, Window Fix is here to help.

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East Harlem Repair Services

Unlike many other contractors in the NYC area, Window Fix started in 1986 with one mission and one mission only: to, you guessed it, fix windows. Since then, we’ve expanded our services, but window repair remains our top specialty and area of expertise. Here’s what we offer to our commercial and residential property owners in East Harlem: 

  • Window frame repairs: Maybe the surrounding wood is rotten, or your metal frame is dented out of alignment. We can fix these issues quickly. 
  • Window screen repairs: Tears, holes, bends, damaged or jammed tabs — there’s truly nothing we haven’t seen and nothing we can’t fix day-of to get your windows back up to snuff. 
  • Window mechanism repairs: Window mechanisms can be tricky. The problem could be a spring, a counterweight, a tilt lock, or some other piece of finicky hardware. Whatever the mystery, we’ll solve it and replace the parts, so you don’t have to worry anymore. 
  • Broken glass repairs: Whether it was debris from a storm or an act of pernicious vandalism, we can help you forget about the broken glass. We’ll fix and install a durable, top-of-the-line replacement pane. 
  • Double-pane window repairs: Poorly installed or older panes sometimes jiggle in their frames. If your pane’s seal is broken or if you’re noticing some looseness, we’ll repair the problem quickly and effectively for less than the other guy.

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Why Choose Window Fix for Window Repair in East Harlem?  

We’re a family-run business that has continuously operated since 1986 — and we started with one core mission: to fix windows. We’re the foremost expert in modern window treatments, from awning to bay and bow to casement to picture windows and beyond. We’ve become the trusted window repair solution in East Harlem and offer superior customer service and affordable pricing that will exceed your expectations. If repairs aren’t possible, we’ll provide you with replacement options that meet your needs. 

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