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Protective Barriers for Your NYC Business

The current pandemic situation has made everyone stop and think about safety like never before. Under normal circumstances, casual contact occurs between workers and customers every day. However, now these seemingly innocuous interactions could lead to the spread of the novel coronavirus.

In response to demand from business owners and the general public, Window Fix is adding to our list of products and services. We now provide protective barrier systems custom-made to our clients’ needs. With the right solutions, you can maintain line-of-sight between your employees and customers while guarding against the possible spread of bacterial and viral infections via breathing, coughing, or sneezing.

We fabricate and install sneeze guards or protective barriers for:

  • Reception desks
  • Counters
  • Grocery stores, including barriers for checkout stations
  • Offices
  • And more

Additionally, we offer interior glass partitions for numerous applications. Material options include acrylic, annealed glass, or tempered glass in framed or frameless systems.

To order commercial sneeze guards for your New York business, please contact Window Fix today.

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Protective Barriers for Reception & Cashier Checkouts

Man wearing medical mask waiting behind reception desk glass barrier.Protective glass barrier on service desk.

You may have heard them called “breath barriers,” “sneeze guards,” or “breath shields.” No matter what you call them, the goal is the same—protect cashiers and customers from spreading germs while completing transactions.

In response to the coronavirus, businesses across New York City and the rest of the country are installing sneeze guards in critical locations, including reception desks, grocery store checkouts, banks, doctor offices, and more. Taking these added precautions today can help save lives while keeping businesses running.

Learn more about installing sneeze guards in your commercial building by contacting Window Fix.

Counter Guards for Food Service & Hospitality


While COVID-19 is a respiratory disease that affects the lungs, plenty of germs enter the body through the digestive system. That’s why it’s so important to ensure buffet lines and food service stations remain uncontaminated. Businesses can accomplish this by installing high-quality counter guards. Keeping food separate from customers is essential for preventing the spread of infection, especially during a viral outbreak.

Window Fix offers attractive, functional counter guards for the food service and hospitality industries. Please contact us today to learn more.

Glass & Acrylic Food Display Cases

Display cases can be a beautiful, functional addition to your checkout area. Custom-made glass or acrylic cases ensure the food for sale remains fully visible while providing a protective barrier between customers and consumable goods.

When appropriately executed, display cases can be more than just functional—they can also make a statement. Work with us to incorporate branding with custom design elements that make your display even more appealing to customers.

Never miss an opportunity to make a statement. With Window Fix, your food display cases will stand out from the rest!

Interior Glass Partitions

Glass protective barrier installed on a desk in a NYC office.Newly installed glass barrier on a desk in a NYC office.

At a time when everyone is thinking about the pandemic, you want your products and services to flow as naturally as possible without compromising safety. Glass partitions and dividers help you accomplish this. These solutions are effective yet subtle in your fight against the transmission of airborne pathogens. Our team can custom-design and install partitions to fit with your branding for an elegant addition to your establishment.

Make interior glass partitions and dividers a natural-looking part of your interior with help from Window Fix.

The Disadvantages of Plexiglas as a Sneeze Guard Material

As more and more small businesses open, many business owners are rushing to have Plexiglas installed, not realizing the negatives behind this acrylic material. Before you choose Plexiglas for your commercial sneeze guards, consider these disadvantages:

  • Prone to discoloration and reduced transparency over time
  • Highly rigid, making it more likely to crack during drilling or upon impact
  • Susceptible to chipping
  • Not fire-resistant
  • Difficult to clean

In a partnership with Gamco, Window Fix is now offering a more elegant solution in place of Plexiglas. Our low-iron glass with anti-stain coating reduces debris buildup, making it easy to keep clean with no discoloration over time. Having high-quality, long-lasting protective barriers in place when your business reopens will help you attract and serve your customers as safely as possible.

To learn more about our Plexiglas alternatives for superior sneeze guards, please contact us today.

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Just like your business, Window Fix is following all CDC guidelines regarding the use of gloves, masks, in-truck hand washers, and staff temperature readings. We’re also offering virtual showroom tours for our clients and, if needed, video conferencing to keep our interactions as contactless as possible.

Contact us today to ask about installing commercial sneeze guards for your business. 

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